Case Studies


About customer

Khalti is a mobile wallet, payment gateway & service provider in Nepal. Launched in January 2017, Khalti is an emerging online payment solution in Nepal. It allows users to pay for a range of services like basic utility payments, hotel bookings, movie and domestic flight tickets, events and many more. It is operated and owned by Sparrow Pay Pvt. Ltd. Our parent company Janaki Technology, which has been in the software product industry since 2010.

The Challenge

Khalti being an online digital wallet needed to promote, advertise and grab the market through email messages. Today’s consumers are being exposed to advertising and marketing strategies more than they used to be earlier. It is believed that consumers are heavily exposed to advertising. Whenever and everywhere they go, advertising is invading them. The business wants to reach out to more in less time and use some generic messaging codes and text and thus keep sending messages such as promotional offer to all in bulk Khalti initiated to use AWS services as a part of sending messages.



AWS email service is cost-effective built on the reliable and scalable infrastructure that was developed to serve its own customer base. With AWS, it is easy to send transactional email, marketing messages, or any other type of high-quality content to your customers. From an architectural perspective, infrastructure, automation, and easy message delivery to the customer were key factors to choose the AWS.

Why Genese

Being the one and only advanced AWS Partner located in Nepal, Genese Solutions was chosen for the AWS partner.

Genese Solutions with their certified and highly trained developers and solution architects has been making its name as Advanced AWS Partner of Nepal.

The Solution

  1. Using EC2 instances for hosting the application of Khalti.
  2. Using SES service for sending the bulk emails.
  3. Creating users in IAM with SNS Full Access and SES full access.’
  4. Generating Credentials of the user and using those credentials in application hosted in EC2.

Result and Benefits

In searching for a cost-effective cloud architecture solution, Khalti was particularly drawn to several AWS features. Using the best practices, the complete solution to the scenario was provided using the SES service and other services to give them fully functional desired product. Using AWS services, the overall cost of the product was reduced by 20% and was found to be more secure and effective in implementing the product in the cloud.