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SEO stands for search engine optimization where ‘search engines’ mean websites google, bing, duck duck go, baidu) through which users can search internet content. and, ‘optimization’ means optimizing/tweaking web contents so that your website comes up high in the list of high organic(non paid) results.

Now you may be wondering what’s with SEO? why do i even need SEO? one of the reasons why SEO is such a significant part of website traffic and why search engine optimization is such a major business is that if your website does not appear on page one for specific search words, it isn’t achieving its full potential.

That said, we at Genese Solution are here to help you gain more traffic to your website & improve web page visibility across search engines.

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    Search Engine Optimization Process

    Search Engines are like a massive information directory. it is easy to get lost. To extract specific information from that directory search engines serve two major functionalities-creating an index of all terms(keywords) & provide directory visitors with a detailed list of keywords they searched for. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is like thermodynamics. you can’t win, break even, or play if you don’t know what you’re doing. Everyone claims to be an expert, and will give you tips on how to beat the search engines. This becomes an arms race between the people who run the search engines, who tend to prioritize the standard of the returned results over the people who pay them to run ads.

    So the question is, how do we do things differently? this sounds oddly technical but to put it simple, our seo process ,core seo aesthetics involves technical aspects like site architecture, content optimization(on-page, off-page), authority backlinks as well as other elements like website speed optimization & many more.

    Technical SEO

    Technical SEO involves website architecture and technology ensuring that the website meets the technical requirements of modern search engines in order to boost organic rankings. We dig down the important elements of technical SEO like crawling, indexing, rendering & URL structures.

    Local SEO

    Search engines often display results based on the user’s location. Many searches are restricted to a specific area. You will have strong visibility in the local market if you use Local SEO. We develop strategies based on your location and target keywords to give you a local organic boost.

    On-Page Optimization

    To keep a site optimized, we not just follow the google ranking algorithm but also keep an eye on how search engines think & process results concerning your website. Search Engines Algorithm keeps changing frequently, so we make sure your website is properly optimized as per the latest specifics. Important elements of on-page optimization include Keyword optimization, content duplication, internal links, outbound links & many more.

    Off-Page Optimization

    Off-page, optimization includes factors outside your website. Off-Page Optimization helps strengthen your relationship between different websites. From link building to getting high DR links from others to help you to achieve ranking in google. We make sure your website has quality backlinks to build a website’s reputation and authority. We follow top-level link building strategies( White -hat techniques)

    Competitor Analysis

    Based on your business niche, we figure out your competitors in the market & do a cross-check on them to identify their strengths & weaknesses. Proper Evaluation of competitors gives us an idea to beat them. We find out their strategic advantages & link prospects to outrank them.

    Reporting and Analysis

    We keep you in the loop & send timely reports on the SEO progress. The report gives you a clear idea of the current website status & you can see how it is growing after we launch an SEO campaign for your website.

    Free SEO Consultation

    Yes, in the SEO industry, sometimes the expectations can be crazy. There are cases where SEO is not working out, you are stuck & are still invisible to prospects online. You may not meet your goal, that’s where we kick in. We offer FREE consultation about your website. We dig deep into the various aspects of your website & give you recommendations on your website. Feel free to hear the fresh perspective on your website with us.

    Content Marketing

    When it comes to search engine optimization “Content is king” SEO is accomplished by tailoring the right content to the right audience powered by keyword research. A website having great content is a key to achieve SEO, so we make sure your content is genuine & help search engines find your blog/website. Content is what people want & it’s the people who bring traffic- we push your content across different marketing channels to connect, engage and acquire the target audience.

    How We Can Help?

    High DA/PA

    We’ll assist you in achieving a high DA/PA for your brand. Enhance Your Online Reputation and Boost Your Brand Image.

    Organic Traffic

    With our SEO process, your page will receive more traffic and clicks.

    Achieve significant google ranking

    We wish to see you at the top of the search engine results. We will help you achieve a high SERP ranking.

    Higher Sales: Find New Clients, Customers

    The ultimate goal for any SEO campaign is to drive sales & We bring traffic means, any conversion you get is sales. More traffic, More sales!

    Online Visibility

    We will work to improve your website’s credibility and online visibility.

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    Ethical SEO (White Hat SEO)

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    Own Best Best Talent in the Industry

    Address Specific requirements

    Maintain brand reputation

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