SAP, renowned for its enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, boasts a user base of 12 million globally. As a German-based multinational software corporation, SAP empowers businesses with integrated solutions for accounting, sales, production, human resources, and finance. With a customer base exceeding 404,000 in 180 countries, including 80% small and medium-sized businesses, SAP plays a pivotal role in global business transactions.

The Transition to Public Cloud

While many businesses in Bangladesh have traditionally relied on on-premise SAP solutions, the evolving IT landscape and the transformative impact of the public cloud are reshaping the justification for on-premise hosting. This shift holds particular relevance in the context of SAP migration in Bangladesh.

Reasons for Migrating SAP to AWS


  • Leverage resource pooling to reduce operational costs.
  • Transition from significant capital expenditures to stable operational expenses.

Flexibility and Agility

  • Attain organizational flexibility and agility.
  • Provision resources instantly to meet dynamic demands.

Operational Efficiency

  • Implement resource usage metering and automation for enhanced efficiency.
  • Witness real-time improvements in user, hardware, and overall process efficiency.

Scalability Advantage

  • Access unlimited resources through multiple data centers.
  • Scale up seamlessly to meet evolving business demands.

Abstraction for Independence

  • Shift from dependence on specific hardware to digital processes.
  • Benefit from a Software Defined Everything (SDE) environment for enhanced automation.

Elasticity for Business Continuity

  • Improve disaster recovery, availability, and business continuity.
  • Ensure high availability at a lower cost compared to on-premise solutions.

Security Enhancement

  • Capitalize on the robust security measures of modern public cloud environments.
  • Third-party certifications and compliance support mitigate the risks of breaches.

Approaches to Cloud Migration for SAP Environments

Understanding the complexity of cloud migration is crucial. Consider three migration approaches:

Homogeneous “Lift-and-Shift” Migration

  • Ideal for conservative cultures or those uncertain about long-term cloud strategy.
  • Simplifies future transformations and enhances agility.

Technical Migration

  • Preserve existing applications while upgrading the OS and database.
  • Prepare for future application migrations and leverage cloud-native features.

Application Migration Strategies

  • Transform the application layer, OS, and database.
  • Strategies include new system implementation, system conversion, and landscape transformation.

Considerations and Solutions for SAP Migration in Bangladesh

Moving SAP to AWS involves several considerations:

Thorough Planning and Preparation

  • Develop a comprehensive migration plan.
  • Choose a reliable migration service provider such as Genese Solution.

Careful Selection of Cloud Environment

  • Evaluate different cloud providers and align with your business goals.

Migrating Applications and Data – Continuous Review

  • Execute the chosen migration strategy.
  • Regularly review and optimize to ensure the effectiveness of the migration.


Embracing SAP migration to AWS in Bangladesh presents numerous opportunities. We offers SAP on AWS and migration services, providing a proven, cost-effective path to the cloud. Accelerate your migration by 70%, mitigate risks, and unlock the full potential of your business in the era of cloud computing.