There are 2.4 million active Joomla websites.

Over 300 new Joomla websites are created every day.

How do you plan on standing out from the crowd?

Whatever your plan is, know that it is definitely not possible with a free template.


No matter how good it is, a free template won’t ever be able to compete with professional templates.

The price tag of your template won’t be visible to your audience.

But here’s what signals a free website template gives to your visitors:

  • Just a basic, unimpressive website here. Built with random freebies.
  • Don’t bother taking this site seriously. Even the webmaster didn’t think it was worth buying a template for this.
  • Looks similar to some other websites, right? All of them are using the same free template.

Now you don’t want your website to say that, right?

So, get a professional Joomla template. Right away.

Want more reasons to switch to a professional template Joomla?

We have got seven.

These reasons will make you realize why a professional template is a must-have and only then can you make the most of the popular website builder, Joomla.

1.  Professional Templates Look, Well… Professional


Developing and designing a template takes time. And a lot of effort.

Do you think will a template builder/platform will put 100% effort into a free template?

There’s no logical reason for them to offer the best that they have for free.

They’d get no money out of it.

And that’s why free templates don’t look like they mean business.

Unless you want to make your site look like it is built by schoolgoers for their school project or something, get a professional template.

A premium one will have the look and feel of something that has been carefully designed with a purpose in mind.

Even though you won’t be able to notice visible differences in a free or paid template, you’d be able to experience the difference. This brings us to…

2. Cleaner Designs Make For Better User Experience


Professional Joomla templates will obviously have a cleaner design as compared to their free counterparts.

And clean designs are important.


  • 94% of first impressions are design-related.
  • 75% of a website’s credibility comes from its design.

So professional templates can make a positive first impression on your visitors and make your website look credible.

Also, a professional template comes with streamlined navigation and a host of features that make your website easier to use.

This further enhances the user experience.

3.  Professional Joomla Templates Can Drive Your Conversions

Professional Joomla templates = Better user experience, right?

And a better user experience means more conversions.

Not sure how?

89% of online shoppers switched to competitors because of the bad user experience on the website.

People on the Internet, your website’s visitors, are not obligated to shop from you.

They’ll walk into your website, and if they don’t feel welcome or comfortable, they’ll just click away.

How to make them stay and shop?

Offer an unparalleled experience.

That’s possible only with a perfectly professional Joomla template.


4.  A Professional Templates Would Add to Your Customer Service Team

Ask your customer service representatives what are the most common queries they get.

Some possible answers:

  • Where is this option?
  • I didn’t find this on your website. Can you show me where it is?
  • Do you have this feature or option?
  • How do I reach this section?
  • I have trouble understanding where I need to go on your website.

A carefully chosen professional template can solve all these queries.


By making navigation simpler and your website easy to use.

So when you are investing in a professional Joomla template, you’ll also be onboarding another member to your customer service team. It’s a win-win. 

5.  Get Responsive Pages That Don’t Slow Down Your Site

Get Responsive Pages That Don’t Slow Down Your Site

74% of visitors said they’d visit a website again if it is mobile-friendly.

$2.9 billion worth of eCommerce revenue is lost because of slow loading sites.

Two problems? One solution.

A responsive Joomla template.

And professional templates are always designed to be responsive and fast loading.

This translates to:

  • Repeat visitors.
  • Higher engagement.
  • More sales.
  • Business success.

6.  Professional Website Come With In-built SEO Tools


Search engine optimization is not a new, fancy buzzword anymore. 

It is something that you cannot simply go without. And to be honest, it takes a lot of effort.

Now imagine if your template did half of the work for you.

Cool, isn’t it?

And not to mention super convenient.

But any template won’t do that. A professionally designed template with a clean code is what you’d need.

Also, such templates come with in-built SEO features.

Like what?

  • Like autogenerated canonical tags.
  • Options to add a meta title and meta description.
  • Options to add alt tags for images.
  • Image optimization features.
  • Ability to add heading tags in your content.

Professionally designed templates are not just SEO-friendly out-of-the-box but also come with features that make optimization super simple.

You can actually inch your way forward towards the #1 ranking on Google search results with a professional Joomla template.

7.  Get Dedicated Tech Support For Your Template

Get Dedicated Tech Support For Your Template

Are you an expert in the ways of the web?

Are you a pro website builder?

You could still get stuck somewhere. 

Are you a beginner? Queries and doubts will be frequent then.

Now, picture this. You are sitting in your office, adding content to a page on your Joomla website.

The content is perfect. You have found the right images and media to complement it.

But you cannot seem to upload the audio file.

What would you do?

Call a friend?

Ask a colleague?

Turn to online discussion forums?

None of these promise a guaranteed solution.

Free templates don’t come with prompt customer service or query resolution.

But if you had a professional template, you could contact the developer support. Send in an email, use the live chat support, or even given them a call. That would have been quick, simple, and stress-free, right?

You could also have referred to the available documentation to find a solution.

73% of companies invest in their website’s design to be able to outrun their competitors.

If you aren’t investing in a professional Joomla template, know that you’d soon be left behind.

To avoid that… 

Get Started with A Professional Joomla Template Today

Don’t waste any more time.

Stop looking for a Joomla template free.

Get serious about your website and use a professional Joomla template.

There are over 1000 professional Joomla template options available online for you to choose from.

If you have the design and tech skills, you can use platforms like Joomla Template Creator to build your own professional template.

Or you can get a professional template custom-designed for you.

Now, how to install a Joomla template?

Follow these steps for a quick and hassle-free installation:

  • Step 1: Log in to your Joomla Control Panel.
  • Step 2: Go to Extensions → Manage → Install.
  • Step 3: Click on Upload Package File
  • Step 4: Choose the file of the template that you want to upload.
  • Step 5: Click on the ‘Upload & Install’ button.

And with that, you now have a professional Joomla template installed on your site.

Get a professional Joomla template today.