I recently had the privilege of attending the second ever Amazon AI Conclave held at ICT Gardenia, Banglore. It was a really amazing experience and the great line of presenter there gave me a better understanding of where we are and where the world is headed towards in terms of development in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Let me show you some images. Do you recognize any of these people? No? Look carefully, maybe that white lady with the smile reminds you of someone from that movie you watched? Still no? Well, it would be quite hard to recognize any of these people because they are not real people. Yeah, you read it right. These are computer-generated images developed by Nvidia. Are you creeped out by the smile of that lady yet? I definitely was and it still creeps me out. This crystal clear, hyperrealistic images give us a glimpse of what computers are capable and what future holds for us. Imagine yourself having a skype call with one of these which seems to be happening in not so distant future.

Artificial Intelligence – Why it matters 

There is a interesting company called Lawgeex. They recently had a competition where real-world lawyers were pitted against their AI ‘Lawyer’. The results were astonishing, to say the least. 20 highly experienced US-based lawyers vs Lawgeex Artificial Intelligent algorithm. The result, AI was 94% accurate while the lawyers were 85% accurate. It took lawyers 92 minutes to review the NDA while it took Lawgeex AI 26 seconds. From now if I have some law thing to do I am definitely hiring lawgeex over any human lawyer.

Let me talk about another startup called Babylon health. They have built an AI system which recently sat in for Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners exam, which is an exam in the UK which medical practitioner take. The average score for the past five years for the practitioner has been 75%. You know what the AI engine scored? 82 percent. Babylon health’s charismatic founder later said, five billion people currently lack access to surgery in the world and he aims to fix that problem and seeing how well their System is doing I believe in him 100 percent.

If you are still reading this article my best guess is you neither one of my close friend whom I forced this article nor my mom and you are someone genuinely interested to know more about what I have to say.

Now let’s talk about how we can be part of it. I am not a math genius. Calculus gave me a headache during my high school years. So I am not going to bore you about arcane mathematical jargons that you need to learn to get started in AI/ML.

Let me start by talking about a service that Amazon has launched called Amazon Cognito . In their own words, the tagline of the product is “Easily add intelligent image and video analysis to your applications.”  Things like Facial Recognition, Face Comparison, extracting text from images are now mere API endpoints that you can integrate into your application.

Another service that has really caught my attention is Amazon Personalize. It is still in a preview stage but I am really fascinated by its use case. Let’s say you have an e-commerce portal and you want to build a recommendation engine, what do you do? Hire a data scientist and get his help to develop a complex system which cost thousands of dollar and require huge computing power? Well now no more. You just embed a Javascript Library in your frontend and let Personalize handle the rest and give state of the art recommendation system to your users.

These two are just examples, there are a plethora of Amazon services from things like Polly which does life like “text to speech” translation, Amazon Lex which has a state of the art Natural Language Understanding in it to build a chatbot with human-like communication skills.

So to conclude, let’s get prepared for this new world where AI would be part of our daily life and also maybe also take part in creating some of these AI services ourselves