Three trainers from Genese Cloud Academy gave a session on the AWS Educate Teacher Ambassador Program which was held on 6th March 2020 at Indreni Foodland. GCA and educators from various colleges sat together to discuss AWS Educate, AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador program, and how to apply to become one of the ambassadors. The program headed by NiranjanUdas, Milan Thapa, and NischalGhimire brought light to how institutions, educators, and students can benefit from such programs explaining AWS Educate as the global initiate of Amazon to accelerate cloud-learning. Similarly, our trainers introduced the importance of AWS Educate as it is a tool that they can use to teach cloud concepts to their students using the provided curriculum and guidance to enable a “plug and play” experience for teachers and students as well. The program was backed by AWS Educate unique Cloud Competency Framework, a global standard used to assess, create and measure AWS Educate cloud programs and content. Trainers also mentioned that the CCF classifies and organizes AWS Educate content in an ordered system intended to indicate principal relationships between cloud computing careers, AWS technical concepts, and practices. In addition to the badges and pathway content designed for the students and the facilitator guides to help the teachers walk them through them, having a number of other tools for educators. The AWS Educate Virtual Classroom is a great tool to enable the students to get their feet wet with AWS services in a safe environment. Educators can also check the work that’s done in the starter accounts via the virtual classroom and help students along the way. The AWS Educate Content Repository contains valuable activities, courses, and modules that teachers can use in your teaching environment to continue to educate students on the cloud without having to build their own lessons. Furthermore, talking about Cloud Career Pathways: Explore AWS Educate’s Cloud Career Pathways to start building the key cloud skills you’ll need to be successful in leading technology careers. Earn a completion credential for each pathway and share it with prospective employers to show what you’ve learned. Learn key cloud skills for careers in cloud computing. Each pathway is aligned to in-demand job roles like Machine Learning Scientist or Application Developer and includes 25+ hours of self-paced content. One additional educator opportunity that our trainers mentioned was the Cloud Ambassador program. In this program, educators are chosen from among AWS Educate educator members via an application process, which will be open this year in the month of February. This is a great way to connect to a community of educators who are passionate about AWS and cloud technology and want to help AWS Educate continue to become an even more valuable resource. Trainers then went on to explain the various benefits of becoming the AWS Teacher Ambassador namely: Professional Development
  • Special training at select AWS events
  • Incremental AWS Promotional Credit
  • Quarterly Tech Talks with AWS service teams
  • Collaboration with AWS and other Cloud Ambassadors on content development
Exclusive Access
  • Early access, under NDA, to select AWS services
  • Invitations to exclusive AWS events
  • Access to AWS leadership
  • Receive AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador Program swag/gear
  • Discounted AWS re: Invent registration
  • AWS Educate portal special designation
  • Inclusion in AWS Educate marketing
  • Ability to share thought leadership with AWS Educate global community
The event was highly productive to all the attending teachers who showed a strong interest in becoming AWS Teacher Ambassadors of their respective schools/colleges and started their application processes by creating AWS Educator accounts.