10th February 2019 marked our 3rd AWS Meetup Nepal at our venue – CloudFactory. The grand scheme of AWS Meetup Nepal in February 2019 was a success due to it being an eventful afternoon. We appreciated and are very grateful for the presence of the key speakers at our event. They had prepared such an interesting and knowledgable presentation based on their workings with the AWS Services. Furthermore, we also thank our attendees for taking their time off to join us at our Meetup. Together we explored the benefits of Cloud Computing we had experienced with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our 1st Key Speaker was Sameer Gautam who had a very interesting title for his presentation. He named it ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to AWS ECS”. Mr Sameer Gautam is the Associate DevOps Manager at CloudFactory. His simple reasoning was that he wanted to show what it is like with getting started with AWS ECS and its core components. He altogether generalised what it was like to work with AWS ECS from deploying to running containers (standardised unit of software) on the monitored platform.

Biplab Karki was our 2nd Key Speaker who gave his presentation about AWS IoT. He is the Tech Department Leader at Infinity Digital Agency. His presentation showcased his enthusiasm for connecting technology with daily life. The AWS IoT button guidelines highlighted by him is a programmable button based on the Amazon Dash Button hardware. With AWS IoT, he showed how to make devices smarter by communicating with them through the use of the internet or our smartphones. By using simple coding systems, he believed we can tweek electronic devices.

After that, our 3rd key speaker – Ravi Kapali‘s presentation was about “Leapfrog & AWS: How Leapfrog has been leveraging AWS with changing technology”. He is the Lead DevOps Engineer at Leapfrog and he recounted how the company started with AWS. It was the simple term – Bucket that lead the team to research and thus get into AWS. Although they might have seniority, they never stop learning about new AWS systems in order to keep with their clients’ demands. He also emphasized his love for AWS as it was an ever growing ecosystem that consists of solutions for application development and overall IT solution.

Although Niranjan Udas, Founder, Technology Evangelist was not announced to be a key speaker for the 3rd AWS Meetup Nepal, he also shared his views. He addressed our crowd with Genese Cloud Academy whose aim to educate students of computing engineering background to be efficient in cloud computing. Basically, the Academy with the aid of Amazon will open up AWS Educate Student Accounts. This account will be created without any charge and will hold $75 credits so that students can educate themselves with online tutorials. The Genese Cloud Academy has been able to do so by affiliating to IT colleges in Pokhara and Kathmandu and have hopes to grow more affiliations. College Representatives can link with us to make the students more equipped with Cloud Computing through AWS. Please contact us at info@genesesofts.com.

This AWS Meetup Nepal was its 3rd of its kind and we can only aspire to hold more events like this. Our Global CTO – Anjani Phuyal and Country CTO – Bikram Adhikari‘s presence was also the highlight as they were present despite their busy schedules. Thank you to all our attendees for your dynamic presence. We are also grateful to CloudFactory Nepal for providing us with the venue. For those who were unable to attend, we hope to see you at the next AWS Meetup Nepal.