Cloud computing seems to be the future of any enterprise. With the increasing number of cloud-based application and the need to make the data highly available across the globe, the scope of cloud computing looks to be growing faster. This growth has been seen in Nepal as well. However, we still have a set back; we do not have a sufficient supply of skilled human resources as demanded by the industry. Cloud computing is still at its infancy in this country and we can already see the lack of manpower who can suffice the need of the hour. In such a scenario, we cannot imagine a smooth transition to the cloud in the future when the demand would be even bigger.

Genese Solution finds it very important to plan for the future of Cloud Computing. Therefore, we have started the Cloud Awareness Programme in Nepal. Our major focus group is the students of computer science at bachelors level. This group of people has good programming skill with basic knowledge of cloud. So far, we have held more than 12 sessions in 9 colleges of Pokhara and Kathmandu benefiting more than 500 students within a month.

Colleges who have benefitted from the Cloud Awareness Programme

In Pokhara

  • Gandaki College of Engineering and Science
  • Western Region Campus, IOE
  • La Grandee College
  • Soch College of IT
  • Mount Annapurna Campus
  • Informatics College Pokhara

In Kathmandu

  • Kathmandu University
  • Thapathali Campus, IOE
  • Texas International College

“The skill of swimming cannot be achieved by merely reading books about it.” Cloud Awareness Programme helps any interested student to not only understand the concept of the cloud computing and gain knowledge of its application but with the free credits and guidance we provide to them, they get access to the theories and also a platform to implement the knowledge they received on the cloud infrastructure.

We don’t stop at just spreading knowledge. We also have been providing internship to the genuinely interested students who are keen to learn more. And even further, we also have been hiring those interns as full-time employees who prove that they can actually learn, grow, and work together with us.

So far, the cloud awareness program has been successful within the colleges we have visited. We have seen a good number of students coming forward asking questions and trying things out on their own or in a group. It makes us immensely happy and proud to see the future cloud workforce grow with us.

Nevertheless, we are not stopping here. We have a lot of programmes planned for the future. If you want us to get in touch with you or your college to run such sessions for students or the teachers, please feel free to reach us. We are expanding to even more cities in Nepal with our Cloud Awareness Programme.