In the IT sector, Cloud Computing careers are growing and in-demand worldwide as the world is leaning towards more technological growth. They rank in the top 20 listing for all IT careers and also rank in the highest paying jobs in IT. With cloud computing, companies can get enterprise-level IT infrastructures without heavy investments. Since these infrastructures can be accessed remotely from all types of devices, companies have adapted to cloud computing. Hence, there are more demands for IT professionals who are masters of cloud technology. In that pretext, Genese collaborating with CSIT Association of Nepal is holding an event principally focused on Tech enthusiasts.

The event will be an introductory session for you to get started on the knowledge of Cloud Computing. Attendees will be able to learn about the benefits of cloud computing and how we utilize it in our everyday personal and professional life. Our speaker will address the prospect of building a professional career in Cloud Computing. By being part of the session, students will get AWS Educate Account with preloaded $75 credit to use resources within the Amazon Web Services’ domain. This can come in the form of a Cloud Education Program Internship at Genese which is Nepal’s First Public Cloud Consulting Firm. One can also get trained and attain industry-recognized certification in the specified area of expertise in AWS.

Details of the Event – Career in Cloud Computing:

Date: 27th March 2019
Venue: ACHS College, Dhobidhara, Putalisadak
Time: 12:00 pm – 16:00 pm

Cloud computing jobs will range from architects and developers to data scientists to security professionals and many more. These jobs will require you to have a specific focus and skills which you can acquire with AWS training and courses. As you learn and grow, we will offer an internship for the interested students in Genese itself so that you can have a hands-on experience as well. You would need to fill out the form with your details and we will contact you once you are accepted.
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The details and purpose of our speakers who will be addressing the event are listed below:

  1. Cloud Computing in Nepal – Bikram Adhikari, CTO, Genese Software Solution (
  2. Genese Cloud Academy – Niranjan Udas, Technology Evangelist (
  3. Cloud Computing for Startup – Biplab Karki, Director of Information Technology & Communication, Infinity Digital Agency (
  4. Working with Cloud – Experience sharing by our Intern at Genese
  5. The Career in Cloud Computing – Moniruddin Ahammed, Enterprise Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services (