From the development of the simple analytical calculator to the vigorous enhancement achieved by the supercomputers, a vivid vision has always been illustrated about how the computing has always destined to evolve and become much better than what it is today. Talking about the computing, Cloud Computing has become an indispensable element of the modern IT era where a growing tech industry in Nepal has depicted a pretty overwhelming interest and acceptance to learn, know, and move into the Cloud. And my first day as an Exhibitor at the biggest tech festival – CAN InfoTech 2019, has happily got me to jot down my first CAN experience.


I always visited CAN festival as a visitor but this is where things got quite interesting. A couple of weeks ago, I found out about the event’s date and my excitement touched the sky when I came to know that Genese Solution, the first and only AWS Cloud Consulting Company in Nepal, was taking an active role in it.

Cloud is the future of computing. We can be assured about the fact that Nepal will quickly adapt, develop, and evolve in Cloud Computing by the response so many people gave today, who visited our stall with curious eyes. Business persons, stakeholders, students, and all kinds of people were introduced about Cloud computing today by the members of Genese family.

The event commenced at 9:30 this morning, where every one of us was seen with their prolific excitements for the event. With great pride, on this very first day, we met many interested people who were provided solutions with web hosting and cloud migration. We also gave consultation to the keen students, who were later provided with AWS Educate account, which is a student account full of resources that can help them learn cloud computing.

Personally, it was a great opportunity to share knowledge and learn from each other. I am eagerly waiting for the next day to begin, which I am sure will bring even more exciting elements to the recipe of learning and growing together at cloud computing with Genese. See you in my next CAN Infotech blog.