As Seth Godin said, “The challenge with being an initiator of projects is that you are never, ever done.” Well, the first and only AWS consulting partner in Nepal, providing almost all kinds of software solutions, has clustered every service into three major bodies at the CAN InfoTech 2019: Cloud Consultation, Web Hosting, and AWS Educate. Nepal’s first Cloud Consulting company, Genese, has done dire homework to help grow cloud industry and the team never want to be done! We have basically done three groupings as above mentioned at our stall (T36, T37). We strive to address every curiosity of the keen eyes that visit our booth, which could encompass topics such as cloud migration, hosting, and resources to learn about cloud infrastructures.

What is AWS Educate?

There are hundreds of resources on the Internet where you can find a bulk of texts and tutorials that can teach you about cloud computing. However, merely learning about the infrastructure theoretically won’t help the learners to practically implement the knowledge. To overcome this hurdle, Genese has been working with AWS Educate and has been providing resources to the learners. This student account consists of tutorials and also $75 for free credit that students can use to try out the infrastructure.

Don’t want to miss this golden opportunity? Visit our stall T36 and T37 at CAN InfoTech 2019.

CAN InfoTech 2019

Are you looking for Domain and Web Hosting Services?

To host is to organize, manage, and make your resources available globally with minimum hassle. Different business houses and software companies would like to find the best place to get hostings done with ease. The hosting could be anything like a website launching, business mail services, or server facilities, etc. And Genese Solution is here at CAN InfoTech 2019 to provide impeccable solutions for hosting.

Want to move to the Cloud? You are at the right place.

Cloud computing is seen distinct from the on-premise computing on many aspects and one major body is the money, itself. We all want to power up computing and lower the cost at the same time. Genese is at CAN InfoTech to provide cloud solution and consultation with greater availability, security, agility, high performance, and minimized capital investment.