The Genese Cloud Academy members went to Ambition College to provide a session on Cloud Computing technology to aspiring graduate and undergraduate students. As our academy aims to train as many graduates as possible on Cloud Computing Technology and other IT skills, we interacted with the students and teachers regarding the prospects of Cloud Computing, how it has become a necessity and its diverse career horizon.

Though Cloud Computing is taught in some of the colleges to the students in their graduate-level studies, they still lack the practical exposure regarding the field. Therefore, through this workshop at Ambition College, we provided the teachers and the students with a hands-on demo regarding the usage of Cloud Services provided by AWS. Students showed great enthusiasm for learning through their AWS Educate account, where they received $75 AWS credits to try out the services provided by the AWS.

We trained teachers and students to use the AWS console, its diverse career path and helped them to begin the cloud career path following the freely available courses. Students were given information regarding Genese Cloud Academy, our aspirations and the kind of work we have been doing. Genese Cloud Academy aims to solve the skill gap between academia and industry by providing them rigorous training with both technical and soft skills, making them industry-ready by the time they graduate.

Hands-on demo on static web hosting using an S3 bucket and on dynamic hosting using an EC2 instance was shown to the student. Using the AWS console, the creation of the apache server, the instantiation of the database server, and the installation procedure of PHP were also demonstrated. The program ended with the Token of Love from Ambition College to Genese Cloud Academy as an appreciation for carrying out the session.