In Nepal’s economy today, lots of tech companies have been thriving. It is due to the fact that we have been moving towards revolutionizing Nepal with IT. Even other non-tech companies leverage the use of IT to get ahead. Making a digital footprint is what matters in getting businesses ahead in the retrospect of today’s economy. The basis of doing that will be by building a website which is a digital identity of any company. After the development of the website, the important part to decide is where does one find web hosting services in Nepal? There are several options for Cloud Service Provider that provides optimum web hosting services. They are AWS, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, GoDaddy, HostGator, Bluehost and JustHost, etc.

In regards to web hosting in Nepal, Genese also provides web development services and also various infrastructures to take your website Live. As Genese is a part of Amazon’s Asia Pacific Partner Network, we are able to provide Amazon Web Services (AWS) to local companies. Within AWS, Amazon Lightsail is Amazon’s simple cloud server for web hosting options. It provides a simple Virtual Private Server (VPS) solutions for businesses who want to start with AWS. You can easily launch your Proof of Concept (POC) quickly with the resources of a virtual machine, SSD-based storage, data transfer, DNS management, and a static IP.

Why Choose Web Hosting in Nepal with Amazon Lightsail?

With such facilities, one would think hosting websites with Amazon Lightsail would be expensive. However, with A‌WS’s payment module, it is a ‘pay for what you only used’ system. Thus, the prices are low and predictable and you can view them in the link here. With Amazon Lightsail, your website will be up in minutes with pre-configured Linux and Windows applications stacks. Usually, hosting a website takes 24 – 48 hours in traditional means. It is also scalable to the sense that it will easily handle your increased website traffic and heavier workloads. Not just powerful, it is also built for reliability and performance. Other AWS services can also be integrated to your Amazon Lightsail hosted websites.

With today’s technological trend, companies are building smarter websites. Hence with Amazon Lightsail, Web hosting in Nepal has become even more affordable. It also gives you that competitive edge you need to stay ahead in the market. For information about this service, you can easily contact us at or inbox us in our social media pages so that we can get back to all of you, who wish to sign up for Amazon Lightsail.

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