Better Collaboration with Google Workspace as Google announces the interesting Smart Canvas Project and Features.

Google at the I/O (its yearly developer’s conference) has introduced a series of new updates for Google Workspace. It’s called the Smart Canvas project and is focused on upgrading the collaboration experience for Google Workspace as google says – to a new level.

With the Smart Canvas project, Google has declared 12 new features for its workspace. It has stated that starting now it will be rolling out these features till the end of this year across its applications which includes Sheets, Docs, and Slides.

Let’s look into these announced new features


12 Best New Features Of Google Workspace

Smart Chips in Docs

Google has introduced new smart chips in google docs that allow users to recommend files, people, and meetings in the document. To insert chips users simply have to insert @ and a list of people, files & meetings will be recommended. Smart chips in the coming months will be available in sheets as well.

Pageless Format in Docs

This feature allows users to remove the boundaries of a page. This will allow users to create a surface that expands to whatever device or screen they’re using. And if users want to print or convert to PDF, they’ll be able to easily switch back to a paginated view.


Starting this week, Google will be rolling out checklists in docs that will be available both on the web & mobile. This feature will allow users to assign checklist items to others and see these action items in Google tasks. This will make it easier to manage a project’s to-do list.

Table Templates

With this new feature, Google will allow users to create tables using preset table templates. Users can create Topic voting tables to gather team feedback & project-tracker tables to capture key points & milestones.

Assisted Writing Features for Docs

The assisted writing feature will incorporate warnings about offensive words or language, provide stylistic suggestions that will help users to write faster and communicate in a better tone.

More Assisted Functionality in Sheets

This feature will incorporate formula suggestions in sheets which will help users to derive and use data easily.

New Views in Sheets

This functionality adds new views in sheets allowing users to better manage & interact with the data. The first addition will be the timeline view, it will make tracking tasks easier and faster. This flexible view will allow users to organize data by the best-fit attributes.

Emoji Reactions in Docs

A new feature that wouldn’t have been expected by much, emoji reactions will allow the users to gauge their teams reactions as they collaborate together on the file.

Work in Meet directly from your Docs, Sheet, or Slide

Users will now be able to present content to a Google Meet call directly from the Doc, Sheet, or Slide they’re working in. This feature will hugely help in improving the collaboration while working together with google workspace tools.

Live Captions and Translations in Google Meet

Google currently offers live captions in five languages, with more to follow – as per google. And they’ll be introducing live translation of captions starting from English with more languages to follow.

Create and edit Sheets, Docs, and Slides from Google Chat Rooms

Google will now allow teams to hop from a team discussion in google chat directly to create and edit documents in docs, sheets, and slides.

Smarter Meeting Notes Template in Docs

Google is enabling a new docs template which will automatically allow users to import any relevant information from a calendar meeting invite, including smart chips for attendees and attached files.

Not all these features are available right away but as per google, these will be rolled out by the end of the year.

Google Workspace already is one of the best tools for business teams to upscale & make collaboration effective and these new updates will definitely take the collaboration experience to a new level.

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