About us

Genese Solution is a digital technology service company headquartered in the United Kingdom with a presence in 8 different geographies including Nepal. We help companies adapt more efficiently by transforming their operational models and technological platforms.

Our objective is to design, deliver, and innovate: to create a transformational ecosystem in the ICT sector, across different global locations. We enable companies and startups across the nation to efficiently and cost-effectively utilize their ICT capabilities to deliver their own products and services better.

Our Affiliation & Partnership

Why choose us

Our proven track records of success, accomplished & passionate human resources, world class IT partnerships & infrastructures and our continuous learning & development programs that responds and adapts to new technological and business standards make us an ideal solution partner for our clients.

AWS Startup Scout Leader - Funding for new businesses

50+ certified & experienced employee

Tailored architect & design solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries

Cost & Security Specialists - Cost optimisation and security audit of AWS infrastructure

Guarantee 10% saving through cost optimisation techniques

Managed cloud service

Discounted rates on AWS for existing AWS customers

PoC environment for customers to test new services

Our clients

For over a decade, Genese is helping many companies and established brands build solid software foundations for their businesses.

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