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AWS Systems Manager

AWS Systems Manager is the operations hub for your AWS applications and resources and a secure end-to-end management solution for hybrid and multi cloud environments that enables secure operations at scale.


Escape Cloud Chaos with Genese and AWS System Manager
Automate, control, and optimize your AWS infrastructure for maximum efficiency and reduced costs.

Struggling with manual patching, configuration management, and deployments, reactive scaling complexities, and limited cloud visibility and control? Genese and AWS System Manager are your keys to unlocking a streamlined, secure, and cost-effective cloud experience.

Challenges and Solutions


a. Manual Toil: Say goodbye to repetitive patching, configuration, and deployments. Automate         everything and free up your IT team for strategic initiatives.
b. Scaling Complexity: Eliminate reactive scaling struggles. Achieve optimal resource utilization with         dynamic scaling based on real-time metrics.
c. Limited Visibility and Control: Gain centralized control and in-depth visibility across your entire    cloud & environment. Ensure security and compliance with ease.


a. Automated Efficiency: Leverage Run Command, Automation documents, and State Manager to         automate routine tasks and workflows, boosting productivity and accuracy.
b. Effortless Scaling: Implement Auto Scaling, Scheduled Scaling, and Manual Scaling with insights for       dynamic resource adjustments, preventing performance issues and wasted resources.
c. Centralized Command and Control: Utilize Parameter Store for secure configuration management,         Systems Manager console for single-pane-of-glass visibility, and Compliance Manager for streamlined     audits and enforcement of security policies.

Genese Advantage

Trusted Cloud Expertise

With 7+ years of experience, Genese is your trusted partner for architecting, optimizing, and managing your cloud infrastructure with AWS SSM.

Proven Track Record

See real value through Genese’s documented case studies showcasing cost savings, increased efficiency, &enhanced security achieved for clients using AWS SSM.

Dedicated Support

Experience Genese’s commitment to client success with ongoing support and expert guidance from certified AWS professionals.

Specialized DeepOps team

Our dedicated DeepOps specialists possess unrivaled expertise in leveraging the advanced features of AWS SSM for maximum impact.

Data-driven optimization framework

We employ a customized framework based on real-time metrics and machine learning to continuously optimize your cloud environment for peak performance and cost savings.


ISO 27001-certified security

We prioritize your data security with stringent adherence to the highest international security standards.

Use case

Knowitall, a product of Code Rush who is one of the clients of Genese used to store its crucial database credentials in code, a risky practice. By switching to AWS SSM, they locked down their secrets, reduced security risks, and boosted performance through automation.

Knowitall: From Code Calamity to Credential Control with AWS SSM

Imagine this: your most vital database credentials, the keys to your entire operation, nestled precariously in lines of code. That’s how Knowitall, the powerful IT intelligence platform, used to live. One accidental leak, forgotten commit, or malicious attack could bring everything crashing down.

But then, Genese used AWS Systems Manager (SSM). They swapped their code-based vulnerability for the impenetrable vault of SSM’s Parameter Store. Now, credentials are encrypted at rest and in transit, guarded by layers of access control. Retrieval is seamless and secure, automated by SSM Run Command without code exposure.

The result? A security revolution. Genese slashed their risk of data breaches and compliance violations, enjoying peace of mind knowing their crown jewels were protected. But that’s not all. Automation boosted their performance, freeing up IT heroes to focus on strategic initiatives. They scaled effortlessly as their business grew, with SSM seamlessly growing alongside them.

This is Genese’s story, but it can be yours too. Don’t wait for a code calamity to strike. Secure your secrets with Genese and AWS SSM.

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  • Free Consultation: Schedule a no-obligation consultation with Genese cloud experts to discuss your specific needs and discover how AWS SSM can transform your cloud.
  • Start Your Trial: Experience the power of Genese and AWS SSM firsthand with a free trial of our managed SSM services. See the difference automation and centralized control can make.

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