Web Application Firewall

AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a service by AWS which helps you safeguard your web applications and APIs from malicious attacks. It provides users with granular control over the rules they define and allows for real-time threat detection blocking all the invalid and illegitimate incoming requests.



Fortify your Web Application with AWS WAF and Genese Solution's Expertise

The design and development of web applications have been growing rapidly. But the incoming vulnerabilities have also increased with the usage. So, it is mandatory we remain aware of these security risks and implement systems to prevent the applications from any potential attacks.

AWS WAF helps safeguard web applications and APIs from malicious attacks, providing users with granular control over the rules they define which allows for real-time threat detection. It is a simple-to-use service where you can build your own rules or just deploy the AWS-managed rules to proactively detect and filter out the unwanted traffic in your web application.

  • Overview of web application vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Mention the prevalence of malware and bot traffic.
  • Emphasize the importance of implementing systems for prevention.
  • Granular control over defined rules.
  • Real-time threat detection and blocking.
  • Option to use AWS managed rules for proactive security.


Website have malware at any given time


Surge in DDoS attacks


average bots visits per week on a production website


malware-infected website are not blacklisted by search engine


Unlocking Enhanced Web Application Security

Optimize security and compliance with AWS WAF, Industry-leading protection, advanced threat intelligence, seamless integration, and automated compliance support for a robust defense against evolving threats

Use Case

Unlocking Enhanced Web Application Security

Genese Solution has been providing regular consulting and support services to our clients to implement the use of AWS WAF. The usage of this service has protected their systems from threats like DDoS attacks, malicious attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS) and any other vulnerabilities that could compromise data integrity and other critical information.

Details on how Genese Solution has helped clients with AWS WAF.  |  Specific threats prevented (DDoS, SQL injection, XSS).


Optimizing AWS WAF: Strategies and Execution

“We have achieved this by implementing managed and customized rules after understanding our client’s architecture for functionality and user interactions and conducting an assessment of potential security threats based on impacts. We have also consulted with the industry best practices and security standards like OWASP guidelines to implement the best practices for our clients.”

  • Customized rule implementation.
  • Understanding client architecture for targeted security.
  • Adherence to industry best practices and security standards.


Enhancing Resilience with Advanced WAF Strategies

Using WAF for application’s security vulnerabilities like DDoS mitigation has allowed us to take advantage of advanced rate-based and IP-based rules to define thresholds and limits for acceptable traffic rates and IP addresses. Hence, limitation of bottlenecks like severe disruption, data loss, and down time have been our primary goals while we implement this service

  • Utilizing advanced rate-based and IP-based rules.
  • Setting thresholds for traffic rates and IP addresses.
  • Goals of mitigating bottlenecks and disruptions.


Seamless AWS Integration for Enhanced Protection

We have also used AWS Firewall Manager to automatically deploy defined WAF rules across accounts in case of multi-account architecture. Overall, since AWS WAF is integrated with services like Amazon Cloudfront, Application Load Balancer (ALB) and Amazon API Gateway, it becomes easier to protect both the internal and external facing resources

  • Utilizing AWS Firewall Manager for multi-account deployment.
  • Integration with Amazon Cloudfront, ALB, and Amazon API Gateway.

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