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Your Cloud Governance Experts with AWS Config

Imagine a world where your cloud resources sing in perfect harmony, aligned with security policies and delivering peak performance. That’s the power of AWS Config, a fully managed service that continuously monitors, assesses, and audits your resources across your entire cloud environment. Its automated rule checks and notifications keep you vigilant against configuration drift and compliance violations, while detailed historical data offers granular insights for optimization and cost control.


Escape Configuration Chaos with Genese and AWS Config

Automate, control, and audit your AWS resource configurations for enhanced security, compliance, and cost optimization.

Challenges and Solutions


  • Manual Configuration Management: Struggling with time-consuming, error-prone manual configuration of resources?
  • Compliance Headaches: Worried about meeting security and compliance regulations due to inconsistent configurations?
  • Undetected Changes and Drift: Facing unexpected outages or security risks due to unmanaged configuration changes?
  • Resource Waste and Inefficiency: Paying for underutilized or misconfigured resources, leading to unnecessary costs?

Solutions with AWS Config and Genese:

  • Automated Configuration Tracking: Continuously track and record resource configuration changes for complete visibility and control.
  • Compliance Enforcement: Enforce security and compliance policies with automated rule checks and alerts.
  • Change Detection and Notification: Receive timely alerts on any configuration changes that violate policies or deviate from desired states.
  • Cost Optimization: Identify and eliminate unused or inefficient resources, reducing cloud costs.
  • Simplified Audit Preparation: Easily generate comprehensive compliance reports with historical configuration data.
Genese Advantage

Trusted Cloud Expertise

Deep experience in AWS Config implementation and management.


Proven Track Record

Documented success stories of helping clients achieve compliance, security, and cost savings.


Dedicated Support

Ongoing support and guidance from certified AWS Config experts.


Data-Driven Optimization

Continuous optimization of configuration settings for peak performance and cost efficiency.


ISO 27001-Certified Security

Stringent adherence to the highest security standards.

Use case

Varosha Tech, a booming IT company has its servers buzzing with activity. They’re constantly adding new features and scaling their infrastructure to keep up with customer demand. But with all this rapid growth, tracking configuration changes across their AWS resources becomes a tangled mess.

That’s where AWS Config comes in! Think of it as a watchful detective for Varosha Tech’s cloud. It keeps a close eye on every setting, every tweak, and every change made to their servers, databases, and other resources.

Here’s how it works:

  • Catch Configuration Crooks: AWS Config acts like a security guard, constantly recording every configuration change made to Varosha Tech’s AWS environment. No more unauthorized tweaks go unnoticed!
  • Compliance Checkpoint: AWS Config checks all configuration changes against security and compliance standards. If something slips through the cracks, Varosha Tech gets an instant alert, allowing them to fix it before any trouble arises.
  • Troubleshooting Time Machine: Remember that time a server mysteriously crashed? With AWS Config’s detailed history, Varosha Tech can rewind the clock and see exactly what configuration change caused the problem, fixing it faster than ever.

Cost-Saving Sleuth: AWS Config helps Varosha Tech identify underused resources and optimize their configurations, leading to lower cloud bills. It’s like having a personal finance advisor for your cloud!

The result? 

Varosha Tech can focus on what they do best – growing their business – knowing their cloud infrastructure is secure, compliant, and running smoothly, thanks to the watchful eyes of AWS Config.

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