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Accelerate Your Journey to Cloud

Accelerate Cloud Migration | Accelerate Your Business 

Migrations to public cloud result in upto 30-40% reduction in total cost of ownership with reduced CapEx & OpEX.

Accelerate Your Journey to Cloud

Accelerate Cloud Migration | Accelerate Your Business 

90% of SMBs say that using a Cloud Service Provider has helped them improve productivity measurably.
(Under a Cloud of Suspicions, IS Decisions 2019)

Accelerate Your Journey to Cloud

Accelerate Cloud Migration | Accelerate Your Business 

Organizations who mitigated to AWS from on premises saw 31% on average cost savings.

Accelerate Your Journey to Cloud

Accelerate Cloud Migration | Accelerate Your Business 

Enterprises can reduce IT incidents by upto 70% by using cloud computing & migration.
(Mckinsey & Company)

A New Age Business Necessity

Cloud computing is no longer a far off objective; it is an immediate requirement for businesses. Cloud is the prime tool for effective digital transformation. The disruption in systems due to the COVID 19 pandemic has shown the essentiality of systems resilience, agility, flexibility, and scalability. Cloud is the solution.

Migrating to cloud is among the top 3(40%) priorities for SMBs & Enterprises in Technology Initiatives for the upcoming year.
(Flexera State of the Cloud 2021)

Cloud is not a place - it’s a Strategy

Cloud isn’t just a place to store emails, data and applications. It’s a framework and a means to drive agility, scalability & flexibility for business in an innovative & secure way. The first step is to migrate enterprise workloads to the cloud.

By 2021 40% of all workloads of enterprises are expected to be migrated to the cloud. (Gartner)

Cloud migration enables scalability, security, reliability, innovation & cost reduction benefits.

Migration Readiness Assessment

1. Has your company identified a specific business case for moving to the cloud?

2. Has your team identified the DevOps process so that they can be followed by the entire?

3. Has your team planned & implemented a cloud operation model?

4. Is your team capable of implementing security best practices in the cloud?

5. Has your team planned/architected/created a roadmap to implement cloud solutions?

6. Are your business & tech teams rightly aligned for successful cloud adoptions?

Breeze with Ease in Cloud Migration with the Right Partner 

A well planned and executed migration will swiftly streamline the systems creating a balance between effectiveness, expense optimization & security.

81% of SMBs say that using a partner to move data & operations to cloud has helped them save capital. (Under a Cloud of Suspicions, IS Decisions 2019)

Our migration strategy strikes a balance between the business and technical efforts required to achieve a cloud migration. We evaluate key business drivers for migration and offer value driven solutions through a streamlined approach.

Our Migration Approach

A holistic assessment of your IT environment & operations by internationally certified cloud experts.

Recommending the best course of action to facilitate your transformational goal.

Migration of business critical operations in prioritized order – eliminating any downtime & business risks.

Smooth transitioning of your business to cloud elevating your business performance & ROI.

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