Cyber Essentials

(CE) is a government-backed accreditation that helps to protect organisations against common online threats and demonstrate organizations commitment to cyber security.

How a business can be benefited from CE?

  • Securing access
  • Configuring to reduce system vulnerabilities
  • Ensure only right users have access to the data and services
  • Using and maintaining virus and malware protection
  • Keeping your applications up-to-date with necessary patches and security fixes

It also helps you to meet the security requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Type of Cyber Essentials certifications

Cyber Essentials

Self-assessment questionnaire focused on your policies and procedures and security measures of your external-facing services such as website, firewall, emails etc. Responses are reviewed by cyber security experts.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Basic Cyber Essentials, plus: This requires an independent onsite visit to perform adequate testing that meets Cyber Essentials requirements. This is a common procedure that all certificated bodies will conduct.

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