An End to in-efficient Manual Repetition Automate/Accelerate/Improve/

 Build, deploy, and manage software robots that automate the conduct of similar/repetitive tasks with higher accuracy and efficiency.

Secure Capabilities to deliver Automation for Enterprises at Scale

Datamatics Robotic Process Automation Solutions emulate human actions done during executing repetitive, rule-based processes and deliver automated delivery of the activity with higher efficiency, speed, and accuracy, that too at a scale.

Just like a person RPA robots can do things do repetitive rule-based tasks like calculations, form fillups, data analysis, reporting, mimicking keystrokes, and clicks, and performing a wide range of defined actions. But much faster and more consistently than humans, without fatigue or need for a break – which in turn gives you more efficient, consistent, and accurate results.

Benefits of Trubot RPA

Real Digital Transformation.

TruBot RPA streamlines workflows, increases delivery speed, and reduces errors which makes organizations more efficient, responsive, and agile.

Transformation at Speed

As the execution is done by TruBot RPA bots, a relatively large amount of work is completed in a much shorter period. A faster delivery, coupled with accuracy becomes the norm with automation.

Improved Analytics

Having access to error-free, accurate data from various sources would improve the quality of analytics in the process. This leads to better decision making and overall, to the betterment of the process execution.

Greater Value from Team

As TruBot takes up the repetitive mundane taks efficiently it enables employees to focus more on planning, strategic and problem solving taks.

Agility & Resilience

TruBot RPA is applicable and has been proven across multiple industries with the ability to perform a wide range of tasks. Any process that is rule-based and can be defined and is repeatable makes an ideal automation candidate. RPA can also be scaled up quickly to match workload peaks and respond to big demand spikes without any downtime.

Higher Accuracy & Quality

TruBot RPA offers improved services to processes that have a high probability of human error, thereby increasing accuracy. Software bots work according to the logic and deliver repetitive tasks with reliability, consistency and near to 100% accuracy. This also reduces the cases of re-works and improve the output quality, significantly.

Cost Effective

TruBot RPA frees your team members from spending too much time on repetitive tasks and enables them to focus on other business crucial activities. At the same time it performs at a faster speed wih more accuracy and helps business deliver better and faster and make decision making faster as well, leading to a cumulative cost savings across multiple areas for organizations.

Features of TruBot RPA

Visual Workflow

Visual designer with workflow, and drag-and-drop options to easily design the process in TruBot Designer

Universal Recorder

Seamless recording between web, desktop, SAP, and other applications

Low code design & development

A library of over 500 pre-built components enables faster development of automation flows

Intelligent automation with AI/ML capabilities

Digital workforce solution delivering intelligent automation via integration with TruAI and other AI/ML/NLP models and APIs

Integrated intelligent document processing (IDP)

Ingest and convert unstructured and semi-structured data in documents to a structured format using the TruCap+ IDP solution

CyberArk vault integration

Enhanced security with privileged security access powered by CyberArk


Actionable intelligence for business users, visibility into bot operations and KPIs

Dynamic bot station selection

Bot execution mapped to multiple Bot stations for failover, ensuring optimal utilization of bots

RPA RoI calculator

Monitor Robotic Process Automation (RPA) program benefits at a business level with integrated analytics

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