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Genese Managed Web Application Security

Secure your web applications with our proactive and comprehensive cybersecurity solution that uses a multi-layered approach to protect your enterprise from outside threats

Genese Managed Web Application Security protects your web applications against a variety of online threats and attacks. It serves as a strong security system, continually monitoring and analysing incoming web traffic, screening out harmful requests and guaranteeing that only valid traffic reaches the web application server.  This service provides virtual patching to protect web applications from potential attacks and vulnerabilities. By implementing this solution, organisations can be protected against distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) and can also better meet cybersecurity compliance requirements.

Overall, the Genese Managed Web Application Security provides a proactive and adaptive protection mechanism while also ensuring a secure and resilient web application environment.

What Does Genese Managed Web Application Security Offer?

Web Application Firewall:

 WAF acts as a shield between users and web servers, monitoring, filtering, and controlling HTTP/HTTPS requests and responses to prevent malicious traffic from reaching the application. AWS WAF is used for WAF service. 

Use Cases of AWS WAF

1. Monitor and filter web traffic: 

Continuously monitor online traffic and create rules to filter web requests based on conditions such as IP addresses, HTTP headers and body, or custom URIs. 

2. Prevent account takeover fraud: 

Monitor your application’s login page for unauthorised access to user accounts using compromised credentials.

3. Meet Compliance needs: 

By deploying this solution, organisations can more effectively meet cybersecurity compliance requirements.

4. Scalability:

Scale your security with increased web traffic and adapt to changing company requirements. 

5. Administer AWS WAF with APIs: 

Create and maintain rules automatically and incorporate them into the development and design process.

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection service can defend your AWS applications from DDoS attacks at the network and transport layers(layers 3 and 4), as well as the application layers(layer 7).  AWS Shield is used for DDoS protection.

Use Cases of AWS Shield

1. Automatically scrub bad traffic at specific layers: Protect applications and APIs from SYN floods, UDP floods, or other reflection attacks.

2. Minimise application downtime and latency: Deploy inline mitigations such as deterministic packet filtering and priority-based traffic shaping to stop basic network-layer attacks.

3. Monitor and protect up to 1,000 resource types: Activate automatic detection, mitigation, or protection for each resource type per AWS account.


DNS Protection

DNS Protection is a powerful and versatile DNS service that offers a number of features that can help you protect your applications. AWS Route 53 is used for DNS Protection.

Use Cases of DNS Protection

1. Manage network traffic globally: Create, visualise, and scale complex routing relationships between records and policies with easy-to-use global DNS features.

2. Build highly available applications: Set routing policies to pre-determine and automate responses in case of failure, like redirecting traffic to alternative Availability Zones or Regions.

3. Set up private DNS: Assign and access custom domain names in your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Use internal AWS resources and servers without exposing DNS data to the public Internet.



Who uses Genese Managed Web Application Security?

Banking and Financial Institutions (BFIs)


Content Management Systems (CMS) Providers

E-commerce Platforms

Security Service Providers

Government Organizations

Why us?

AWS Expertise

Only advanced AWS partner in Nepal with 80+ AWS certified engineers and more than a decade of experience in digital transformation using public cloud services


Ensure your cloud environment is continually optimised from a security, governance, and architecture perspective in line with AWS best practices.


Complete team integration

Our cloud security engineers become part of your team, fully integrated with your organisation’s culture.


Utilise our specialised skills and expertise to cut costs, increase business agility, boost security, and spur growth.

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