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About the event

Come and explore a world of balance and unity at Zoom Innovation Day, where AI, the future of work, and balance converge. Engage in conversations about employee wellness, navigating hybrid work, fostering harmonious human-tech relationships, and beyond. Witness the seamless integration of AI within Zoom's platform, unraveling the complex relationship between people and technology. 

Join us in mastering the skill of harmonizing the future of limitless human connections, all under the One Platform.

We look forward to having you at the webinar on Thursday, 21st  December 2023.


Time  Topic
5 Minutes Welcome remarks: Harmonizing Work and Life
10 Minutes

Zooming Into Tomorrow

(Thought Leadership Presentation)

15 Minutes

Navigating the Modern Work Landscape:

Enhancing Productivity, Customer Service Excellence, and Well-being (Demo & Video)

20 minutes

Innovation in Action:

Ten-tastic Time-Saving Gems of the Zoom Platform for A Day in the Life (Demo & Video)

10 Minutes

Innovation in Action:

Zoom Contact Center and Virtual Agent (Demo & Video)

10 minutes Q&A and Thank You

Event Details


21 December 2023, Thursday


2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (NPT)


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