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DevSecOps Consulting

Accelerate software development without compromisingsecurity

DevSecOps is a trending practice in application security (AppSec) that involves introducing security earlier in the software development life cycle (SDLC). It also expands the collaboration between development and operations teams to integrate security teams in the software delivery cycle. DevSecOps requires a change in culture, process, and tools across these core functional teams and makes security a shared responsibility. Everyone involved in the SDLC has a role to play in building security into the DevOps continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflow.

Build DevSecOps into your

Current DevOps process

Benefits of DevSecOps

Enhanced security

By integrating security practices throughout the development lifecycle, organizations can identify and address security vulnerabilities early in the process, reducing the risk of security breaches and data leaks.

Faster time to market

DevSecOps streamlines the development process by automating tasks, facilitating collaboration, and reducing manual intervention. This results in faster delivery of software products and updates, enabling businesses to respond to market demands more rapidly.


Addressing security issues early in the development process can save significant costs. Fixing vulnerabilities during the development phase is generally less expensive than addressing them after deployment or during production.

Compliance and risk management

 Integrating security from the start ensures that compliance requirements are met. This will simplify compliance audits, reduce audit-related stress, reduce the risk of non-compliance penalties and potential legal issues.

Competitive Edge

 By proactively addressing security concerns, companies gain a competitive advantage and attract security-conscious customers and partners. A secure and reliable application instills confidence in users, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

What does our DevSecOps service offer?


Assessment Report

The report will have current strengths, gaps, and recommendations.


DevSecOps Roadmap

The roadmap will outline the activities, investment and timeline to achieve them.


Application Security Standard

A standard document to establish minimum requirements for secure application development activities.


Risk Assessment Methodology

The process by which potential risks are identified early during the planning phase.


Threat Modeling Methodology

The process by which potential threats and vulnerabilities can be identified, enumerated and prioritized during the design phase.


Secure Coding Training

All developers undergo training on developing secure applications from the design process forward.


Static Application Security Testing

Recommendation & deployment of tool to perform static application security testing on software code developed in-house.


Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Recommendation & deployment of tool to assess the third-party codes that are integrated with our application.


Dynamic Application Security Testing

Recommendation and deployment of the tool to perform dynamic application security testing.


Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning

Recommendation & deployment of tool to perform vulnerability assessment of infrastructure component of the application.


Penetration Testing

Coordination and execution of penetration testing of the application as per the need.


Security Monitoring

Recommendation and deployment of application monitoring tool.

Why us?

Tailored expert solutions

Based on your organisation’s needs, we produce tailored DevSecOps services integrating security into areas such as build automation, test automation, deployment automation, monitoring, environment management and others.

Time and Cost Savings

We have in-house experts at competitive rates who are ready to speed up your transition from DevOps to DevSecOps and ensure a return on investment.

Integrate DevSecOps strategy into business processes

With our support, businesses will be capable of delivering better products with the implementation of Agile methodologies and DevSecOps. We ensure management buy-in at all levels that help drive the engineering of development, security and operations without unnecessary silos.

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