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Enabling Digital Transformation

with reliability, scalability and cost-effectiveness

Creating Lasting Business Value

with the right set of digital technologies

Cloud Computing Services

for optimized business systems and processes

Fostering Greater Productivity

with effective and sustainable technological solutions

Elevating Team Performance

with highly secure and unified communication and collaboration suites

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About us

Who we are

Genese Solution is a Value IT Consulting Company committed to helping organizations worldwide optimize their IT operations and cost management, harness technology for innovation, and ensure effective IT risk management. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, we have offices in eleven countries, including Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Finland, Australia, Nigeria, Spain, Ireland and the USA.

We are proud to be one of the few IT consulting firms certified to the rigorous international standard ISO 27001:2022 for information security management. This certification demonstrates our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your data and ensuring complete peace of mind.

We empower organizations of all sizes and scales across various industries to attain operational excellence through a comprehensive suite of cost-effective digital transformation solutions. 


What we do

We offer a full-scale digital ecosystem which includes World Class software, Cloud Platforms, Cybersecurity, Productivity & Collaboration Suites, Monitoring Tools, International Payments, and Startup Cloud Funding among others.

Our certified specialists and professional developers with their technical prowess and business insights are here to work with you and make a positive difference in organization’s workflow and bottom line.

Cloud Consultation & Services

We offer multi-platform Cloud Services & Consultation of the biggest and best names in the world industry and our experts help with the strategy, timing and roadmap making the migration process quick and effortless helping our clients focus on maximizing their competitive capabilities and innovation.

Professional Services
Cost and Security Audit
Managed Support


We are an experienced and trusted software development company that has been working with world-class brands SMEs and startups as their software development Partner and helping them evolve in their digital revolution journey with cutting edge solutions contributing to their profit at large.

Application Development
Mobile Application
Web Design and Development
Search Engine Optimization
Dedicated Teams


Genese Cloud Academy

Genese Cloud Academy, an education wing of Genese Solution is established with its vision to bridge the skill gap between academia and industry by making final year students/graduates emerge as highly employable. To make its vision into reality, GCA from its establishment is collaborating with different companies/organizations all over Nepal and performing skills requirement mapping with those trained students/Graduates from GCA who can possibly be hired with better suitability.

  • Skills Mapping and Job Placement for Graduates
  • Interest & Need-based Assessment on respective Training
  • Startup Incubation Program
  • Mentorship & Exposure for Career Enrichment

For almost a decade, we have worked with the following industries

Every industry has its own set of challenges, keeping that in mind, our engineers use the latest technologies to create purpose-built solutions and aptly tailor it to clients specific needs and requirements.


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