Kubernetes Implementation with Migration of Lease Accounting System


Zen Treasury






Jan 2021 – Jan 2021

Engagement Overview

Genese, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner helped ZenTreasury, a FinTech and SaaS company located in Finland migrate its new LeaseAccounting.app solution from a single server to a scalable setup in AWS along with Kubernetes implementation.

About the customer

ZenTreasury Ltd ( zentreasury.com ) is a FinTech and SaaS company located in Espoo, Finland. They provide a modern finance platform for treasury management and lease accounting. ZenTreasury provides a platform for non-financial companies and accounting firms to manage financial contracts.

LeaseAccounting.app is a self-service SaaS solution that helps SMEs and Midcaps to manage lease agreements under IFRS-16.

Customer Challenge

The beta version of the LeaseAccounting.app was hosted on a single server in Google Cloud Platform. The application was built using PHP/Laravel backend and MySQL database. 

The major challenges faced by the customer were: 

  • The application was not scaling up or down depending on the usage. This could potentially cause the application to slow down when the traffic is high. 
  • The application was deployed manually from the GCP Console with no proper DevOps practices. The customer wished for a fully automated process. 
  • Monitoring was not adequate to ZenTreasurys wishes. 

Other than the above challenges, customers wanted to use the Kubernetes cluster and Terraform to deploy all resources, to ensure that they are using current technology in their infrastructure.

Business Solution

ZenTreasury wanted to migrate their application from their single server on the Google Cloud Platform to AWS Cloud.

An architecture design was proposed which contained EKS for Managed Kubernetes, ECR for Container Registry, and various other AWS services for data storage, monitoring, and networking. 

Based upon the prepared architecture, the solution was built and deployed on AWS also maintaining the CI/CD with the help of AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, and GitHub.

Genese adopted a hybrid setup approach to create an efficient architecture & ensure a seamless deployment & transition in AWS while ensuring zero downtime for deployment.

Business Outcome

The architecture created solves all the problems of ZenTreasury including auto-scaling, downtime & continuous monitoring.

Genese rearchitected and deployed the application in AWS Cloud following DevOps guidelines under a very short span.

With Genese & AWS, ZenTreasury has achieved:

  • Zero downtime on deployment.
  • Autoscaling with application instances according to traffic.
  • Automated Processes with standard DevOps guidelines.
  • High Monitoring for resource usage as well as system failures.

Technology Employed

Amazon Services Used

Amazon VPC

Amazon VPC NAT Gateway

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling

Amazon EC2

Amazon Cloudwatch

AWS Internet Gateways

AWS CloudTrail

AWS Elastic Load Balancing


AWS Code Build



AWS Code Pipeline

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