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Case Studies


About the company

EventsMo is an integrated platform that brings together technology tools that cover the entire event lifecycle. From registration and event apps to polls and surveys and digital signage, it empowers users to create the best event experience possible with the latest mobile technologies, it’s possible to deliver measurable value to any organization sponsoring the event. In fact, 85% of attendees usually download and use an event app when it’s offered, which makes it a great platform for positioning sponsors in a digital environment. Who wouldn’t love having their brand in practically every purse and pocket at its user’s conference? And with the app’s analytics platform, users can track the value the event offers its sponsors and show them tangible data that they can use to measure their ROI on the event.

EventsMo application has various features like Multi-day Agenda where user can save thousands of dollars by switching to a digital event schedule that can be updated on the fly, and ensure that users attendees are always in the right place at the right time. Activity Feed to keeping track of event buzz is easy with the Activity Feed. This component gathers the latest posts from attendees, Announcements, and Schedules in one convenient place. Attendees control which content they want to see in their personal feed and Live Polling/Insights where fully engage attendees at the moment with real-time polling and moderated discussions. Give speakers complete control over audience feedback from within their PowerPoint presentations.

The Challenge

EventsMo requires a secure, faster and reliable hosting solution for the websites hosting and application backend with support system available in Nepal. They are more concerned about reliable cost-effective and secure cloud server to host their websites and applications.

They are currently using a VPS service to host their Website and application. They are planning to serve their customers with a variety of services and with a good user base, the website is expected to have a remarkable number of visitors and traffic spikes, so they will require a scalable hosting solution that might not be possible with VPS solutions. Any downtime or poor performance of the application creates a bad user experience which is not good for the company’s reputation. So, they were looking for a better solution. EventsMo also required an effective and cost-optimized way for mass mailing to trigger marketing campaign emails and transactional emails. They have been using an independent solution for mass emailing.

Why Genese

Eventsmo is in need of architecture design, technical support, and cost optimization as well as a reliable Cloud service provider partners within Nepal for constant support and consultation. We explained the benefits of moving their workload to AWS and suggested adopting AWS services for hosting their website and application.

The solution:

  • EC2 instances for hosting the application, Application Load Balancer as a load-balancing solution, RDS for managed Database and autoscaling to manage the scalability.
  • SES for mass mailing.