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Transforming E-learning excellence: Code Rush’s Success Story

Code Rush specializes in building robust talent pipelines for IT firms by offering data-driven talent generation and recruitment solutions. By making in touch with top-tier IT talent and industry leaders in recruiting, Code Rushes groundbreaking programs address the tech skills gap. Make your hiring process more efficient by using Code Rush to connect talent with opportunities.

Know It All is an E-learning platform designed to assess tech talent with precision and efficiency. It offers a wide range of customizable quiz formats and real-time scoring, enabling organizations to quickly evaluate candidates’ knowledge and skills, helping them place the best-fit candidates per role required by the hiring company. The application’s key performance indicators (KPIs) center around catering to users with the latest set of questions and conducting candidate quizzes before job screening, all hosted within AWS infrastructure.

Problem Statement

Code Rush faced significant infrastructure-related challenges in Know-It-All that impacted their daily business operations. Manual deployment process at Code Rush were time-consuming and diverted developers focus from core application development, resulting in slower feature delivery and increased costs than anticipated. Furthermore, manual deployments led to error-prone code releases, causing customer dissatisfaction and reliability issues.

For Know It All, the highly competitive e-learning market posed challenges in maintaining and growing market share, threatening long-term business sustainability due to the infrastructure issues. Extended downtimes resulted in customer dissatisfaction, financial losses, and business disruptions. Scalability issues affected the ability to accommodate a growing user base efficiently, and accidental data deletions damaged trust among clients and partners. Addressing these infrastructure challenges was crucial for Know-It-All to maintain their competitiveness and ensure business success.


Revolutionizing Code Rush’s infrastructure by adopting to DevOps principle

Our comprehensive thought leadership strategy to address Code Rush’s infrastructure challenges encompassed the following initiatives. Firstly, we implemented a robust CI/CD pipeline, streamlining the application deployment process and significantly reducing the need for manual intervention, ultimately saving developer’s time. Additionally, we advocated for the adoption of Infrastructure as Code practices, enabling the consistent and repeatable provisioning of infrastructure resources. To enhance system resilience and performance, we recommended the utilization of Auto Scaling and Load Balancers, allowing resources to automatically adjust based on fluctuating traffic demands.

Genese suggested separating the infrastructure into multiple accounts based on the workload and environment. This multi-account structure provided efficient, secure, and scalable cloud operation for Coderush. Genese suggested enforcing baseline security controls through control towers. The use of Preventive controls through SCPs and Detective controls through AWS Config would allow Coderush to proactively safeguard against security threats while swiftly identifying and mitigating potential breaches in AWS environments. 

Furthermore, we used real-time monitoring and logging tools to track application and infrastructure metrics, facilitating prompt issue identification and resolution. Proactive measures were taken by setting up alarms and notifications to respond swiftly to any anomalies, minimizing downtime and service disruptions. To ensure data durability and facilitate easy restoration in case of incidents, automated backup scheduling and retention policies were implemented. Lastly, we stressed the significance of implementing granular IAM (Identity and Access Management) policies, granting access only to authorized developers and DevOps engineers while preventing unauthorized entry into the infrastructure. This holistic approach was able to streamline operations, enhance reliability, and fortify security across Know-It-All’s infrastructure.


Code Rush’s investment in DevOps for Know-It-All has been a huge success. The company has saved 25% on operational costs and plans to invest that money in product development. This will allow Code Rush to release new features and products faster, which will help them meet the changing needs of customers and stay ahead of the competition in Nepal’s E-learning platform market.

In addition to saving money, Code Rush has also seen a significant improvement in the reliability and availability of Know-It-All. Downtime has been reduced by 90%, and Know-It-All can now scale easily to meet increased demand without any performance problems. This has led to a much better customer experience, which has strengthened Code Rush’s reputation in the market.

Multi-account structure enhanced the security of Code Rush’s applications by enabling fine-grained access controls and limiting the blast radius in case of security breaches. This segregation minimized the risk of disruptions to critical production workloads caused by changes or issues in the development or testing stages. The use of a control tower for enforcing baseline security controls prevented unauthorized access, reduced the attack surface, and mitigated security risks.

Overall, Code Rush’s investment in DevOps, using AWS, has been a great success. The company has saved money, improved operational efficiency, and improved the customer experience. This has helped Code Rush to grow its revenue and become more competitive.