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Nepal’s Largest E-commerce System

Move to a Scalable Architecture in AWS








Nov 2020 – Dec 2020

Engagement Overview

Genese, an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS helped Sastodeal, one of the largest B2C e-commerce companies in Nepal move from an unscalable monolith architecture in Magento to a scalable distributed architecture in AWS for their e-commerce platform.

About the customer

Sastodeal ( is one of the leading B2C Marketplace eCommerce companies in Nepal with millions of customers and thousands of vendors/partners all over Nepal.

Customer Challenge

The existing hosting of Sastodeal on Magento cloud was more expensive & had no provisions for auto-scaling, the existing infrastructure had complexities to manage traffic fluctuations, lacked high security for application, database & other inadequacies impacting their business negatively.

The major challenges faced by Sastodeal were:

  • Complexity in handling traffic fluctuations incurring loss of business.
  • Downtime during product releases, additional effort required during the product release cycles.
  • Contract negotiation complexity with service providers for upscaling or downscaling.
  • Unscalable server storage took more effort in provisioning it manually.
  • The servers lacked high security to the application and the database. 
  • Delayed server failure detection due to inadequate monitoring & high response time from the provider.

Business Solution

The single monolith application was rearchitected and deployed in AWS Cloud following DevOps guidelines. The final gain with this redesign was the overall security of the application stack, not only with the use of AWS but by having most of the resources in private subnet and usage of VPN to connect to it. 

Additionally, Genese also provided support & guidance to the Sastodeal Dev team regarding working on AWS. Sastodeal themselves needed to work on their application level & working with AWS by themselves would take them months through research with trial & error. Genese stepped in & provided AWS support & guidance where needed to the Sastodeal Dev team.

Business Outcome

By rearchitecting and deploying the application in AWS Cloud following DevOps guidelines under a very short span, Sastodeal now serves 100% traffic from AWS at greater efficiency. The new setup was more stable and had significant performance improvements.

With Genese & AWS, Sastodeal was able to achieve:

  • 100% downtime reduction. Zero downtime on deployment.
  • Autoscaling with Application instances
  • Higher Flexibility for the Sastodeal dev team.
  • Faster Problem Identification & Resolution.
  • On-Call Support is available with live chat. Taking down response time by 98%
  • 100% security incident reduction. Zero security incidents so far.

The Genese Benefit

Being an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS, working with Genese for AWS customers can leverage certain benefits.

The benefit of working with Genese that Sastodeal leveraged:

Legally Billed Access to AWS Resources in Nepal.

AWS Guidance under DevOps practices to the Sastodeal team.

Cost Discounts with AWS Services as an Advanced Consulting Partner.

High-level, High responsive tech & customer support.

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