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Alfa Beta migration from local cloud vendor to AWS

Alfa Beta Migration to AWS
Alfa Beta, a prominent education consultancy in Nepal, boasts a rich legacy of over 30 years, positioning itself as a leading guide for students aspiring to study abroad. With a robust 32-year background in test preparation and two decades dedicated to steering students toward successful overseas education, Alfa Beta has earned its reputation as the premier institute in the region. The array of services offered is extensive, encompassing specialized courses for language proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS, PTE – A, as well as aptitude tests including SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT. The consultancy’s commitment to guiding students is evident in its comprehensive support, from expert study-abroad advice to seamless visa assistance.

Alfa Beta’s success is underscored by accolades such as being recognized as the “No. 1 Business Partner – Nepal” by IDP IELTS for three consecutive years and receiving a “Certificate of Merit” at the Nepal Business Excellence Awards 2017. The consultancy’s strength lies in its ability to assist students in realizing their dreams across a spectrum of international destinations, each offering unique advantages. The facilities at Alfa Beta are state-of-the-art, providing modern classrooms, extensive library resources, dedicated counselors, language labs, and cultural programs to create an optimal environment for learning.

In essence, Alfa Beta is not just an educational consultancy but a comprehensive partner for students embarking on their academic journey abroad. With experienced counselors, high visa approval rates, language proficiency classes, and a holistic approach, Alfa Beta ensures that students receive the guidance and support needed to make their educational journey a success. Your journey to global education begins on a strong footing with Alfa Beta.

Problem Statement

Alfa Beta encountered significant challenges with its website hosted on a local cloud infrastructure, facing issues related to performance, reliability, and scalability. The existing configuration resulted in slow loading times, intermittent outages, and limitations in handling increased web traffic. Moreover, the reliance on the local cloud posed obstacles to adapting to growing demands and incorporating necessary updates seamlessly.

One notable complication arose from using different domain registration platforms and DNS record managers. The diversity in these platforms created inefficiencies and complexities in managing domain settings and DNS configurations. Domain registration platforms’ disparate nature led to difficulties overseeing tasks like renewals, transfers, and updates. Simultaneously, the use of different DNS record managers contributed to a lack of centralized control, causing potential inconsistencies and delays in propagating changes across the web.

Pain points
This decentralized approach not only hindered the integration of updates but also posed challenges in maintaining a unified online presence. The lack of synchronization across domain registration and DNS management platforms further exacerbated concerns related to security, innovation, and adaptability.

To address these multifaceted challenges, Alfa Beta recognized the need for a comprehensive solution. Transitioning to a global cloud infrastructure was identified as a crucial step to enhance performance, reliability, and scalability. Additionally, a streamlined strategy for domain registration and DNS management was deemed necessary to ensure efficient administration and a cohesive online presence. This holistic approach aimed to optimize the user experience, safeguard Alfa Beta’s online resources, and support the seamless delivery of educational services.


Genese Solution proposes a transformative solution for Alfa Beta’s website challenges by recommending migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS). To enhance scalability and reliability, Genese Solution suggests leveraging Amazon EC2 instances, offering adaptable compute capacity for optimized performance during peak traffic periods. Addressing concerns about data handling and slow loading times, Amazon S3 is proposed for efficient storage, ensuring fast and reliable access to educational resources. Amazon Route 53, as the DNS management service, facilitates seamless updates and global content delivery, improving the website’s adaptability to growing demands. Additionally, the integration of AWS data transfer services, such as Direct Connect or CloudFront, enhances network performance, mitigating intermittent outages and optimizing the user experience. This comprehensive solution harnesses the strengths of AWS to provide Alfa Beta with a secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructure, ensuring an improved online presence for students accessing educational materials and information about Alfa Beta’s services.