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Case Studies

Buddha Air

About the company

Buddha Air Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading private airline companies in Nepal. It operates domestic as well as international services within Nepal and India, serving mainly large towns and cities in Nepal, linking Kathmandu with ten destinations and Varanasi of India since its establishment on 23 April 1996.

Customer Needs:

Buddha Air needed a scalable, reliable and faster platform to host their website and application. The website is expected to have a remarkable number of visitors and traffic spikes during tourism seasons, so they required a scalable hosting solution which was not possible with current local hosting provider. Any downtime or poor performance of the application reflects badly on company reputation. So, they were looking for a better solution. Another requirement was to use existing resources for database. In other words the solution should be hybrid.

The Solution:

Buddha Air’s requirement of moving their front end part to the cloud and continue to use the resources which are already existing infrastructure made it hybrid deployment. AWS has very good support for the hybrid deployment without impacting the security of the overall architecture of the solutions. Using on-prem resources with front-end part on cloud was done through the use of api-gateway. 

To fulfill the requirement of low latency to every user around the globe we recommended using the Content Delivery Network using cloud front. It is used to cache frequently requested data to the edge location which is near to the users. Thus reducing the latency.

The frontend was hosted on S3 which is serveless and very reliable service of the AWS. It can scale from few request per minute to millions without downtime. The data on S3 is automatically replicated at least 3 different places which makes it very durable. The caching on cloudfront also results less traffic on the S3.

Benefit of this Architecture:

  • Integrates with already existing infrastructure
  • High availability with use of serverless infrastructure
  • Cost effective since the hosting frontend on S3 with other serverless architecture is one of the cheapest tried and tested solutions on AWS
  • Scales automatically with scaling of CDN, S3, Api-Gateway done automatically by AWS
  • Low latency by serving content from CDN