About Ashlesha International

Ashlesha International is an organization that was established with the sole purpose to empower women. The company provides training to women and help them to sell the products manufactured in the Nepalese market. Ashlesha international operates its business through a facebook page called “Potestore” and sells products online nationally and internationally. Furthermore, Ashlesha international makes a small amount of profit from their sales commission.

The Challenge

Ashlesha International wanted to implement attendance facilitates easy and reliable attendance system which also provide access to attendance information of a particular employee. This system will also help in evaluating late arrival, leave, substitute leave state of employee. This system allows employees to track their own records by viewing their own attendance information as well as automates the record keeping process for the organization. The attendance data is available to be used as one of the metrics of performance evaluation.

The Solution

Attendance System is the Web-based application that is created using the Serverless services of AWS. Different services of AWS services (like Lambda, S3, Cloudfront, Cognito, DynamoDb, Rekognition.) have been used to build this web-based application. The Serverless idea was proposed to Ashlesha International because it is highly available as well as a cost-effective solution.

AWS S3 has been used for the static hosting of the site. There are 7 different Lambda functions that get triggers in the different actions of the user. DynamoDb has been used as a database for this system because it is a key-value and document database that delivers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale which gives flexibility to the system in data storage. The service of CloudFront is used for the fast and secure delivery of data to the users. Similarly, AWS Cognito has been integrated into the attendance system for the authentication of the users and AWS Rekognition has been used for the image comparison of the user during their daily attendance.

In addition, There is a pre-signed URL of Cloudfront which is generated for analyzing the record of all the users of the company. This URL will only be generated when the admin will log in to the system form the company login.

The Benefits

  • Highly Available: The attendance system is reliable with no downtime, as it is built on serverless architecture. 
  • Easy Monitoring: The attendance dashboard provides easy monitoring facilities for the organization as well as to the employees. It also includes features which simplify requesting and approving of leaves.
  • Low Cost: The overall cost is low since it is billing is only done when the system is  triggered, and there is a lot of idle time.
  • Improves Efficiency: Efficiency of the attendance system is highly improved by using AWS rekognition. It allows employees to update their attendance even when they are attending events outside of the workplace, with location tracking features.