About Customer

Genese Cloud Academy (GCA) is a program for the education sector with a vision to introduce, train, and upskill students in the Cloud Computing ecosystem. GCA aims to provide the students of IT and IT management with a wide variety of tools and resources that they can use to not only enhance their theoretical knowledge of cloud computing but also implement what they learn in real life. The intent is to build the work-readiness of graduating students so that they’re able to effectively enter and meet the demands of the industry.

The Challenge

GCA needed to use Secured, Highly Available, and access control management tools in their Online Cloud Exam Preparation portal called QuizApp.

The AWS and Azure were always a top priority of customers however we referred AWS to be the solution to the problem.


Due to the high availability and scalability in the object store provided by AWS and the flexibility of using private network access using Client VPN, GCA chooses AWS for its infrastructure. From an architectural perspective, infrastructure, automation, and proximity to the customer were key factors to choose the AWS.

Why Genese?

Being the one and only Advanced AWS Partner located in Nepal, Genese Solutions was chosen as the AWS partner.

Genese Solutions with its certified and highly trained developers and solution architects has been making its name as Advanced AWS Partner of Nepal.

The Solution

Incorporating a variety of products into the cloud computing platform, a potent solution as mentioned below was created:

  1. Using EC2 for Windows in a VPC with a Private Subnet.
  2. Using Active Directory within the VPC for private and secure networking for access control.
  3. Client VPN with AD authentication and Security groups were used as an additional security measure to restrict unauthorized access to the server. 
  4. For API logging CloudTrail Dashboard has been setup which uploads log to CloudWatch Logs. 
  5. Further security is provided on the OS level using windows security.
  6. For Database MsSQL has been used.
  7. AWS S3 has been used for Static Hosting.
  8. AWS ACM is used for issuing the Certificate.
Windows SDP Quiz App

Result And Benefits

In searching for a cost-effective cloud architecture solution, GCA was particularly drawn to several AWS features. Using the best practices the complete solution to the problem was provided using the Active Directory and other services to give them the fully functional desired product and they were able to run the team management software in windows server securely and without caring about the infrastructure.

(Note: SQL-Server for QuizApp: As QuizApp’s back-end data is stored in SQL-Server, due to high billing for SQL-Server on multi-AZs, the customer is maintaining only a single Az for SQL-Server, and for disaster recovery purpose, multiple database back-ups are scheduled in case of any disaster recovery required.)