Google delays its plans to upgrade its Free Version of Legacy Edition to a Paid Plan Version. To know more, go through the article below.

Start of the year, Google announced that the free version of G Suite Legacy Edition would be discontinued soon. Either one would have to pay for a plan or continue with a free plan with a self-hosted email address.

On its support page, Google has now issued a few key upgrades to this plan. Google had planned to upgrade to a paid plan version on May 1, 2022.

But now, Google has delayed until June 1, 2022. Google is giving customers extra time to switch to new plans. That is, if customers haven’t selected a paid plan, they’ll be promoted to a premium plan because Google already has the payment information.

If payment information has not been given, one must set up the billing system before August 1, 2022. The existing accounts will be suspended if the user fails to do so. If the account has been suspended for 60 days, users will be unable to access Gmail, Calendar, or Meet until they pay. The subscription will be maintained on the Flexible Plan, and will not be charged until at least August 1, 2022. Following that, you will be charged each month for each user in your company.

When Google introduced its free tier plan, many people were outraged. They objected to utilizing the free service with their personal email address. They also claimed to have paid for service subscriptions or content in the Google Play Store. As a result, Google decided to introduce a free plan that allows you to use non-Gmail accounts to access essential services like Drive and Meet.

You must first join the waitlist by viewing a message in your Google Admin Console if you wished to do so. And you must do so before June 1 to avoid being automatically upgraded to a paid plan. For more information, click here.

Google is working to give legacy users more time to switch to a free plan, and communicate with them through multiple channels to ensure they understand what’s going on.

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