Two weeks ago, I moved to Plymouth from London, before London I was in Kathmandu, and before Kathmandu, I was living with my parents at Biratchowk, a small town in the Morang district of Nepal.

There have been lots of changes in my life, which started when I graduated from my school in my home town, Biratchowk in 2017. 

Life in Biratchowk

Sometimes when I miss home or see kids laughing and playing with their friends in parks, I take a trip down to those golden memory lanes of myself playing different sports and games like badminton, table tennis, marbles (Guchha), Kick-out and bomb blast ( played with Chungi, tied rubbers) with my old friends as a kid living in Biratchowk. It was a happy childhood, free from any concerns for the present or the future. Even though going to school wasn’t the happiest part when I was young, I used to be good at studying and was a disciplined student. For a kid like me, living with my parents, enjoying different festivals and visiting relatives, and doing silly kinds of stuff were all dreams come true.

As for everyone, it was the same for me, time turned evil, robbed my childhood away and pushed me to be an adult. 

Life in Kathmandu

After completing my SEE (or grade 10) in 2017, my life changed course. In an effort to learn more and further my education, I relocated to Kathmandu, a city brimming with aspirations. It was a difficult and significant decision for me to make when I was 17 years old and moving miles away from home for the first time, but I persisted. I still have echoes of the day I left for Kathmandu. A young boy with many goals and dreams moved to a new city, completed his college while living in a hostel, learned about various cultures and people, made new friends, and made new memories. He did so while feeling a mix of excitement, fear, and worry.

Life in London

My life changed dramatically once more when I finished college and made the choice to pursue higher studies abroad. A 19-year-old me, made a life-changing decision to study Computer Science at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK.  Carrying big dreams and hopes of families and more along with added responsibilities, I flew to the UK in October 2019. The anxiety and uncertainty I felt when I first left home still existed inside of me as I left my nation to start a new life, despite the fact that I had many hopes and aspirations for this new trip. 

I can still recall the day I landed in London, a city of millions of dreams and opportunities  because it marked the beginning of a new phase of my life with so many uncertainties and obstacles ahead. 

It took a while but eventually, I adjusted to the new life in a new place with new people. For the first time in my life, I worked a variety of jobs to pay my bills, including waiter, cashier, assistant manager, barista, and more. I never imagined it would be so difficult to earn to meet needs ?. London taught me the value of money and time, how to build friendships and trust, persevere through difficult times, and many other life skills.

  As we all know, time won’t stop for anyone, so I walked with it, as time passed by; I grew more mature and wiser as things went on, and then I finished my university education and got my Bachelor’s degree in 2022. I fulfilled one of the aims I set for myself when I was in Nepal but didn’t know it was just the door to one long staircase ? which life had made ready for me to climb. After graduating, the time came to look for further opportunities and start a career.

We can all agree that time will not stop for anyone, so all I could do was walk alongside it. As the years went by, I became wiser and more mature. In 2022, I completed my undergraduate studies and received my Bachelor’s degree. I achieved one of my goals which I had set when I was in Nepal, but I wasn’t aware that it was just the beginning of a long stair ? that life had prepared for me to climb. Then, the relentless look for any opportunities to start a career began as a fresh graduate for me. 

Life in Plymouth

After hundreds of job applications and interviews, I was frustrated with job hunting but was not giving up on any condition. Then there came the year 2023, and with the new year came new hopes for me. While I was trying and failing on my own, there came a helping hand with hope for me and it was Genese Solution. After the interview, I received an internship offer, so I once more packed up everything and travelled to Plymouth, which was four hours from London, to begin my internship. The day I travelled to Plymouth is another that will always be engraved in my memory because it marked the beginning of a new chapter in my professional life.

With the hope of a brighter future, I hopped on the train to Plymouth. As the train began to move slowly, my heart began to race with anxiety and fear. Despite the train going at 120 m/hr, I felt as though I was stuck in time because of the uncertainty of tomorrow. With each announcement of stops as the train drew closer to Plymouth, I grew more anxious and scared as I considered my new life at Genese. While I was ruminating and fretting, my train stopped at Plymouth station and once again my life changed its course. Now, I work as an intern for Genese Solution.

Life is a marathon, not a lap, so we must be prepared for a long race and many challenges. Life will inevitably have its ups and downs, but we must remain steadfast and move forward with the unstoppable flow of time. Because the world is powered by faith and hope, we should constantly hope for and work toward a better future.