In wake of the global pandemic COVID 2019 and the response of the world to self-quarantine, representatives from Genese and Genese Cloud Academy, who are training partners of Girls In Tech Nepal led a webinar on 23rd March,2020 called Kickstart Your Career with the core objective of educating the youths with crucial Career Development Tools such as CV Writing, Cover Letter/Job Application Writing, Personal Branding through Social Media and Conduction of Online chats, meetings and webinars.

The webinar was facilitated by two renowned corporate professionals namely Mr. Anjani Phuyal, Global CTO, Genese Solution &CEO, Genese Cloud Academy and Mr. Niranjan Udas, Founder, Educate Program Lead& Tech Evangelist, Genese Cloud Academy.

In the webinar, the experts shared various useful tips and tricks to ace in a career beginning with CV Writing, where Mr. Udas highlighted the difference between a CV and a resume, how to build an impressive CV and Resume and likewise the value of a good CV and Resume in helping an individual land a great job. “Let your CV speak and shine for you’ reiterated Udas.

Likewise, the second topic Udas talked and taught about was Cover Letter/Job Application Letter writing. He mentioned that Cover Letters are of crucial importance because CV’s just give a snapshot of the candidates’ profile. Whereas, details regarding the interest, expertise and fitness of the candidate is reflected via his/her cover letter. He went on to show and share a good Cover Letter format to the participants in order to aid them prepare a good one.

Another important topic, Email Writing, which is the primary communication medium of the era was discussed by Mr. Anjani Phuyal- where he shared some useful tips of drafting good emails and discussed the importance of having a proper ‘Subject’ in the email and the importance of Digital Signature for identity. Furthermore, he also talked about common mistakes people make of mentioning attachments in email body and failing to attach the documents- which leaves a negative impression and which must be avoided.

The fourth and the most interesting topic of the webinar was Social Media Endorsement conducted by Mr. Phuyal where he mentioned the perks of the Social Platforms to individuals if used wisely. Likewise, Phuyal heavily emphasized the usage of LinkedIn over other social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as the former is a professional network where good connections can be made and networking can be done.
He urged everyone to build a strong LinkedIn profile for cracking jobs as employers worldwide increasingly use this platform for hiring.

The last topic covered in the webinar was Conduction of Meeting through mediums like Online Chats, Meetings & Webinars where he mentioned some of the most useful tools like Slido, Google Hangouts Meet, Zoom, Amazon Chime, Slack among others. He mentioned how these tools are really easy to use and save the time &effort of attendees.
He also enlightened the participants about the basic mistakes people should avoid like enabling camera if not in presentable dress up & location, pre-testing the sound quality and resolution of the speaker before joining the meeting, using some proper noise breaker speakers, turning off the microphone if not present in the meeting during the meantime, among others.

The event was a huge success in a nutshell with the participants taking a lot of useful takeaways with them. ‘This was my first webinar and it was really impactful for me because I learnt a lot of things that will help me in my career and I also learnt about the mistakes I was making and how I should correct them. I look forward to attending more webinars from the same organizers’ shared one participant.

All in all, Genese and its sister concerns are glad they could add value to the youths who are staying home amidst the outbreak of the Corona Virus and give something back to the community. Witnessing the success of this webinar, Genese and its sister concerns are planning to organize other useful webinars in the near future to come.