Genese Solution has now become an authorized partner of  Datamatics. Datamatics is a technology company that builds and manages intelligent solutions. It enables data-driven businesses to digitally transform themselves through Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning Algorithms.

Datamatics Robotic Process Automation Solutions emulate human actions done during executing repetitive, rule-based processes and deliver automated delivery of the activity with higher efficiency, speed, and accuracy, that too at a scale.

Datamatics RPA robots can do things do repetitive rule-based tasks like calculations, form fillups, data analysis, reporting, mimicking keystrokes, and clicks, and performing a wide range of defined actions. But much faster and more consistently than humans, without fatigue or need for a break – which in turn gives you more efficient, consistent, and accurate results.

Datamatics facilitates you with:

  • Real Digital Transformation
  • Transformation at Speed
  • Improved Analytics
  • Greater Value from Team
  • Agility & Resilience
  • Higher Accuracy & Quality
  • Cost Effective

Customers with enterprises of all sizes can deploy the Datamatics platform at least twice as quickly as competitors.

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