Many people have dreams of joining the IT industry but as you graduate, you have this feeling that ‘you know everything & you don’t’. You think that your skills don’t match up for the job you are looking for. 

However, you can thrust into the IT industry with Zero experience. Here are the tips on how you can consider an IT career without experience and meet over a dozen people who have shown that you can break into tech regardless of your background.

5 Ways To Get A Job In 2021 With No Experience

 Apply Your Past Experience

Well, everyone is a beginner when they are starting, so you aren’t the only one who is having trouble finding work because of a lack of experience.

While you graduate, it’s easier to get an “in” with little experience if you are familiar with the IT industry. This is a great opportunity to add value to the company beyond  your technical expertise. A company’s emphasis is generally on developing an employee’s hard skills, but soft skills are just as critical for personality growth. These soft skills are more likely to land you the job because they demonstrate your character and qualities. From cover letters to interviews, it’s a good idea to emphasize soft skills.

Get Certified

Pick your career choice & think about what kind of job best suits you.  Start by looking for certifications that fit your career goals and enroll in. 

Even online courses with free certifications can be ideal for you to showcase your skills. A certification is something to brag about on your resume or LinkedIn profile. In the tech industry people are more interested in your qualifications or certifications than your computer degree.

Starting at the Bottom

Starting from the bottom means you’re starting from scratch. The only way to get a job in the IT Industry if you have no experience is to work as an intern or volunteer. You don’t need a relevant career or full-time job on your resume to get started.  Also unpaid opportunities that last just a few hours are appropriate. This makes it a lot easier for you to gain experience and develop a portfolio.

Get Educated

When it comes to education, you don’t have to limit yourself.  Grab every little knowledge that interests you.  Learning desktop publishing, personal productivity skills, marketing, and creating a website using a content management system like WordPress can be handful for you to start. 

There are countless free content on youtube & other learning sites. When you are learning something by yourself, you transition from basic-intermediate to advanced concepts. So, Start becoming self-taught


It’s no brainer that connection matters a lot in the IT industry.  “Who you know” makes a lot of difference sorting your career in the right direction. Attend workshops, job fairs, webinars, and Bootcamps to develop your interpersonal skills. You’ll be surprised at how effective your network can be.

Positive word of mouth or simple recommendation has great value on the hiring process.  Start connecting with people on LinkedIn & make yourself presentable for a hire. About 90% of recruiters look out for a LinkedIn profile, so being on LinkedIn can be a fateful decision.

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