There is a lot happening in Digital Marketing lately. Reels, videos, animations, webinars, etc. While the new form of communication is trending, nothing can beat the usage of emails. 

Email marketing is one of the most cost-efficient and easy-to-implement ways to generate leads for a business. It is one of the most traditional and efficient methods of having direct contact with your customers.

More than 55.5% of B2B senders report that their email traffic has lately increased, and 49% report that they are emailing their clients more regularly since the start of COVID-19. Since there is fierce competition for customers’ attention, it’s critical to continuously improve and assess your performance to stay ahead. There are new trends and tactics that might help you improve your email marketing efforts every year as client expectations shift. Here, we take a closer look at a few of the most popular email marketing trends for 2022.

1. Personalization:

The users you’re trying to reach undoubtedly receive dozens of emails every day. Try to add a personal touch to the wording or style of your email to make it more apparent and attention-grabbing.

To enhance the open rate, start by personalizing the subject line. The simplest way to make your email sound more personal is to use the recipient’s name in the subject line.

Advanced methods of email personalization include:

  • create targeted messages based on the person’s interests or demographics
  • using the company’s name;
  • link to the company’s site;
  • prepare an offer based on the recipient’s company’s needs;
  • changing images according to the user’s demographics or business needs;
  • Call-to-action button


2. Artificial intelligence:

The main benefit of using AI-based email marketing services is access to wide hyper-personalization and automation features. By eliminating manual work and personalizing emails, artificial intelligence may tremendously help you in optimizing and automating your email marketing. Through emails, its features are also intended to attribute, forecast, and improve businesses.

Usually, AI marketing tools help you to 

  • Personalize content based on subscriber behavior
  • Analyze users’ data and engagement rate based on previous conversations
  • Create relevant content for every recipient
  • Create auto-replies and emails based on the user’s response
  • Obtain deep ideas and process large data to create better messages


3. Mobile Optimization:

There is hardly anyone who does not have a smartphone in their hand. From scrolling through social media to buying groceries everything is done via smartphone these days. It is very important to keep in mind how you design your email campaign mobile interface friendly. Considering that almost 50% of B2B queries are now done through smartphones, designing for mobile users is more crucial than ever. The number of clicks on responsive email layouts can increase by 15%. Your content flow should be considered as part of mobile optimization because you want to keep it clutter-free so mobile visitors don’t have to scroll endlessly for a comfortable look.


4. Quality Landing Pages

There is no point in sending an email where the CTA button does not lead to the right place. The main problem with several marketers is that they put most of the effort into designing a great marketing email but give less importance when creating a landing page.

To have a better conversion, you need to put considerable effort and time into designing a landing page.

In summary, your landing page should communicate the information from the email and add value for those who are able to find it.

5. Add Interactive Elements

According to statistics, interactive emails substantially raise the click-to-open rate (73%). The way subscribers interact with your emails changes when you include an interactive element. People respond to your emails with greater ease thanks to this clever B2B email marketing technique.

You can include polls, surveys, gamification components, and animations in your emails to make them more interactive. In other words, anything that offers dynamic material or elements increases interactivity.

You want to keep ahead of your competition and stay up to date on the most recent trends due to the ongoing changes in email marketing so that you can modify your content strategy accordingly. You may improve the effectiveness of your email marketing and guarantee that your audience continues to be interested in your material by implementing some of the trends mentioned above.