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Most of us came to know about Zoom during the start of the pandemic when all of us were confined to our homes. However, thanks to Zoom, work didn’t stop. It continued to provide us with some sort of normalcy during the whole pandemic as we worked from our homes.

With the end of the pandemic looming closer, you might think Zoom is a thing of the past on your workflow, but it is not. Zoom can be an amazing productivity and collaboration tool for your organization and will enhance your day-to-day activities, and will also save costs for you.

How can Zoom work for you?

As an organization, no matter how big or small, Zoom can work for you in a number of different ways. Effective communication and collaboration is a problem many businesses face. A lack of communication can hinder and delay projects, causing your customers and your brand value to suffering. But thanks to Zoom, communication is now easier than ever. Zoom is a full-fledged communication tool. You can chat, have meetings, share files and have calendar events and meetings all from the Zoom app.

You can easily communicate with your colleagues; set up a one on one call, a group call, or chat with any team members. On top of that, separate channels can be created for different projects or departments, making your organizational communication a much smoother process.

  • With Zoom’s easy integration with 3rd party apps, schedule calendar events and meetings easily in Google Calendar, Outlook, and Calendly.
  • Get google workspace or dropbox spaces from the Zoom app store and keep everyone on the same page by collaborating in real-time on the projects.
  • Make your virtual work environment a fun place and engage in team-building exercises by integrating games like Kahoot and Heads up.

Make hosting events a hassle-free process

Forget the complicated logistics and costs that never end that come with hosting events. Zoom has made hosting webinars and events a hassle-free process. You can easily set up events for up to 1000 people via Zoom. Every event you as a business might need to host like webinars, customer interaction programs, customer training, stakeholder meetings can all now be done with zoom, saving you a lot of hours and costs associated with organizing these events.

  •  Use Zoom’s webinar feature to set up a webinar with hosts and co-hosts, where you have more control and audience members join without video or audio being turned on.
  • Reach a wider audience by streaming your event live on Facebook or Youtube, directly via Zoom.
  • Use Zoom’s hosting QandA sessions and scheduling post-meeting surveys to engage your audience and make the most out of your event.
  • Integrate PayPal in order to charge attendees for the virtual event.

Train your team on the go

Give your employees the training they need to fulfill their potential and do their job better, on the go. With Zoom, employees can attend their training sessions from anywhere of their liking. Give your employees the convenience they want and deserve while also saving costs of having to cover their commute and other expenses.

  •  Use the Live2Courseera app offered by Zoom to record, share and publish sessions to Coursera, so that your team can access it anytime, from anywhere.
  • Engage your team with polls, video presentations, and create breakout rooms to assign specific tasks to team members.
  • Break up the learning with some fun in between with Zoom DJ playing music in the background, while you and your team engage in a game of Heads up.

Make hiring easy

Hiring is often a tedious and a drawn-out task and can be quite complicated at times with all the scheduling and preparing required. You can now move your hiring process online with the help of Zoom. You will no longer have to worry about candidates getting stuck in traffic, or getting drenched in the rain, or any other unforeseen issues that might occur during the interview process. Interview your candidates remotely from just about anywhere, ensuring convenience for both you and your candidates.

  • Easily schedule candidate meetings via Calendly, Google calendars, and other calendar apps.
  •  If you have an exercise and assessment to give to your candidate, you can use Zoom’s file-sharing feature.
  • Using virtual waiting rooms to organize your meetings with different candidates also enhances security, as participants need to be ‘admitted’ from the waiting room.

Customer Service  made easier

Customer service is key if you want to keep your customers happy and keep them coming back. Businesses have to get customer service right and Zoom will help you do it. Instead of just normal regular customer support phone calls, you can create a whole virtual consultation. This saves money and time, and most importantly keeps your customers happy.

 Use Zoom Video to interact with customers and get a better understanding of the problems they are facing.

  • Schedule training sessions with customers
  • Let customers share their screens with you so you can see their problems clearly.
  • Share your screen with the customer so you can show them how to fix the problem.
  • Take remote access to your customer’s device so you can solve their problem.

Sell better

They say selling is an art, and Zoom is here to help make you a better artist. Customers often require demos of products before they purchase them, So Zoom lets you give virtual demos to your customers, making it extremely convenient for both you and your customers. With virtual demos, you can also easily target and sell to people in different locations where previously it would not have been possible to showcase demos.

  • Schedule product demos easily via Google Calendar, outlook, and Calendly integration offered by Zoom.
  • Showcase product demos easily via Zoom’s file and screen sharing features.


 All in All.
Zoom is more than just a video conferencing platform; it is a tool designed to improve collaboration and productivity. With the benefits and value it provides, it should be a key part of your workflow from here onwards. The pandemic should leave, but Zoom is here to stay.